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Alter Ego Boudoir Studio




Hello, Beautiful! (yes, you)



Thinking about doing a custom portrait or boudoir shoot? Well then, you're in excellent hands! Our custom beauty portrait and boudoir shoots are classy, fashion inspired, magazine-styled photo sessions for the everyday woman. You will never forget the way you felt that first time you saw your images. You will walk taller, have more confidence, and embrace your personal beauty with greater confidence then ever before!


Our sessions are for everybody AND every body; women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Come share with us your unique beauty, passion and love. Together we will celebrate what makes you, well individual like no one else. We give you permission to look and feel as beautifully feminine as you choose, shamelessly!


This may be a gift you are planning for that someone specail in your life, but we know that it will end up being bigger then that. Get ready to walk away from this experiance forever transformed in how you see yourself.


So what are you waiting for? Come play with us. We double-dog dare you to!

Alter Ego Boudoir's Mission is to show women that through courage, authenticity, and vulnerability magic can happen and anything is possible.


A world where women no longer feel stuck based on societal expectations and beauty standards.

Catherine the main photograper and founder of Alter Ego boudoir, showing her alter ego.
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