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Thank you so much for booking your photo shoot with

Catherine Kellie Studios!



I can not begin to tell you how much fun we’re going to have! Below is some info to help make your photo shoot run smoothly. If you have any additional questions always feel free to email/call at anytime and I will respond asap during business hours.


The day of your shoot, it is important that you arrive 10 min (no more than) early for your session time! In order for you to optimize your studio time, you will want your hair and makeup already done and ready to shoot. If you elect to add on hair or makeup styling, we will build that into your scheduled time and you should plan to be here an additional 45-90 min.


Studio Address: 45169 Vandyke Ave. Utica, MI 48317

Phone: 248-747-7236 (this is a cell phone that stays in the studio, so if you send a text message, I will get it the next time we are in!)


Getting to Know Me

Another function of this page is to give you a chance to get a feel for my personality before your session. I will do a phone consult, but sometimes it is so tough to actually try and catch one another during an appropriate hour or time. If this is a gift, you only have small windows of time to chat – I know! So, this will help go over some key points about our policies and preparation. Please know that every woman is uncomfortable and nervous at some point, but I have always gotten compliments from my clients as to how comfortable the session ended up being for them and they leave with both smiles and hugs! Because this is often a surprise gift, I will not friend you on Facebook, unless you add me as a friend first, but after your gift has been given, don’t be surprised if I send you a request! I really enjoy staying in contact with all my clients.


Hang out with us, our previous and current clients online in our very own private VIP Club!  It’s top secret and only clients are added. Talk about prepping for your session, share shot ideas, chat with previous clients, get inside tips and have fun before your session. Then after you’re a client you can help others get through the jitters and get ready for an experience of a lifetime!







-Prep the outfits you’d like to be photographed in. Do not feel as if you need to spend a lot of money on outfits! Dig around your closet and through your drawers first. Look around at photos online. You will see that most of the time, simple is best! Google words such as “boudoir photography” “bridal boudoir photography” “curvy boudoir” “modern portraits” “women photographed”  etc and click on the “images” link to get some ideas. Or hit up Pinterest, notes below.


-Don’t forget fingers and toe nails! Trim them, paint them, fake nails always look great! (even the Lee Press on kinds)


-Don’t be afraid to practice your “look” in the mirror. I will be there to coach you every step of the way but hey it’s still fun to do right? There are additional tips below.


-Like us on FACEBOOK  for photo shoot inspiration and tips!


-Check out our Pinterest Account  for even more ideas


Once you go there, you will see that I have already created public boards on my page for you to get inspiration ideas for your shoot. I highly suggest you create a board of your own. You can even create a private board! Many clients, especially the ones that are keeping their sessions secret, do choose to create a private board. It is really simple, when logged into your account – select “create new board” on your profile and click “keep it secret.” Then be sure to invite me to your top secret board! I will have an iPad on hand and quickly glance through your board right before your session. We will not replicate anyone else images, but it will give me a great idea of what you like and I can pull off of it.


PS – You must first have an account and we must be connected before Pinterest will allow me to give you access to post on my page. So do that now!




– Be sure to drink lots of water and eat breakfast or lunch (depending on your shoot time) before you come in (yes – EAT!)


– Please show up with hair and makeup ready to shoot.


- Makeup - if we are doing your makeup, come with a clean, dry face.


– Hair – if we are styling your hair, then come with clean, dry hair. We can make it dirty, we cannot clean it and there is not time to blow dry it.


– Don’t forget your outfits! (inc. shoes, accessories and a robe to wear between sets) You can use an implied nude (either backless with the bra off and arms covering the girls OR wrapped in a sheet,) full nude, one of our outfits in the studio or everyday wear as an “outfit.”


– Loosen up your garments – help avoid unsightly marks in your photo

TIP: do you have the right tank tops, underwear and bras for your outfits? Don’t forget those!


A rough schedule of your shoot:


You arrive, we look at your outfit and chosen set, you change, we shoot. Each outfit equals 30 min. of shoot time.

After your shoot, you will get re-dressed and we will take a 90 min break. During this time you can run some errands, grab lunch, or even just hang out using our WiFi. Then we will look over your lightly edited images for you to order from. I will fully edit any and all you purchase.

Light edits include:

color adjustments

light adjustments


Full edits include:

all of the above plus -

skin softening

body contouring, as needed

highlight and shadow adjustments

actions & filters to match the scene/mood

removal of blemishes, stretch marks, bruises, veins, etc.



What to bring with you ~

~ Your outfits! Do your outfits match!? Need help, bring a couple extras and we will help you narrow it down to 2-3.


Idea – bring something of HIS (shirt, props – what are his hobbies? something from work?)


A couple notes on wardrobe:

Please bring wardrobe that fits you. For years I have had women come in with clothing that is ill fitting and just expect me to “fix it in Photoshop”. While I will smooth lines from clothing pinching in the skin, clothing that digs in and rolls because it is too small or tops that are too big and gape, or women who dislike their midsection but reveal it anyway expecting me to give them a new belly, these are unrealistic demands. I may be great at Photoshop but I am an artist being hired to create my vision of what I see. Wear clothing that fits, that covers what you wish to hide and please have realistic expectations.


Remember your wedding ring, this is commonly forgotten and then stressed over. Remember to remove watches or hair ties from your wrists prior to shooting.



Feel free to bring your veil or other items like your garter or shoes to shoot in! I love veils! I realize that it may be difficult to get a hold of these items before your wedding so you may want to consider purchasing an inexpensive veil just for the shoot. This is a lovely twist on remembering yourself as a bride.



I do shoot implied nudity and full nudes. For implied, we use fabric, hands, arms and angles to cover the naughty bits. While I will shoot nudes uncovered (full frontal), and am very comfortable doing so. I’d like to say that there is nothing I would not photograph, but there are some things that I absolutely will not shoot: abusive imagery and animals used in a sexual or demeaning way. I completely embrace curiosity and the fact that every individual owns their own kinky style and tastes. You may ask, but I reserve the right to say no.


Tan lines & Skin Discoloration

If you have tan lines, they will show in your pictures. While I am skilled at retouching, skin tone matching is a tremendously laborious task and not included in my retouching services. I can even it out a little but removing them completely is a no can do.


Here are some awesome shopping recommendation list (not in any order). If you find awesome lingerie especially at a great price, please send me the link so I can add it here!: – local lingerie shop that has superior customer service! If you go here, please tell them we sent you! - classic and local – classic hose & lingerie – designer dress and accessory rentals – high end lingerie (check eBay for close out sales) – high end lingerie (check eBay for close out sales) – pin up couture – awesome plus size shop

There are so many others springing up, feel free to share them with us if you find a great site.

Need more outfit help? Additional info in regards to outfits can be communicated AFTER you send back your questionnaire AND you sign up for Pinterest. OR “Google” Boudoir Photography and you will get TONS of outfit ideas! Again, DO NOT go out and spend a lot of money on outfits. If you want to treat yourself to one new thing, maybe have it under your clothes the night you give him your gift great – maybe some new bra and panty sets?  The more you get involved in your shoot, the more you are going to really enjoy the whole experience! I just don’t want you to think that you have to drop a few hundred just to prepare. Most girls have just what they need at home already! If all that did not help you – call me! It’s easier to talk through outfit ideas then it is to email about them. Want to text me some photo ideas? Go ahead! I don’t mind at all. Don’t be bummed if I don’t respond right away. I may be with a client, in the bathroom, sleeping or at a child’s event – but I will respond when I can!



Strike a Pose!

Don’t worry about posing. Most people freeze in front of the camera so I am used to getting in there and directing. Don’t be surprised if I physically move you into poses or adjust your outfit for you. I may touch you, and will try to warn you before I do. I am just sure you are not going to want anything out of place (crooked underwear is just not flattering!)
CLIENT TIP!  Recently a client shared this tip with me – STRETCH! It isn’t a bad idea to stretch for 10-20 minutes before coming to your session. It’s a little known fact that the best pictures are of poses that are challenging to get into, to hold and that feel awkward. Don’t be surprised if you are sore after your session but no shot is worth an injury. If something I am asking you to do hurts, stop and we will move on.


Here are a few reminders/tips to help you be prepared. It’s just a bit more detailed than above.


These are the most important things to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for a boudoir photo session. Everyone that I have shot has commented on how good they feel about themselves after having intimate photos taken. Consider your boudoir photos as an investment in yourself and, enjoy being treated like a queen for a day. Trust me… HE won’t mind at all.


Things to avoid -


~ Tanning is the one thing that you may think you need to do before you have photos taken. NOT a good idea ladies. If you tan in the sun you are left with tan lines. Unless you are an exhibitionist and tan in the nude, that is. The natural sun dries out your skin and makes it look older than it really is. A healthy glow is all you really need. If you must lay out in the harsh rays of the sun, do so no closer than one week prior to your shoot. Your skin needs at least 5 days to recover from UV exposure. Just be mindful of those tan lines, and be very careful not to burn.

Then again, you may be what is affectionately known as a “fake baker”. Tanning in a bed at a salon may be relaxing but, it gives the skin an orange overtone. Even if you don’t seem to see that bronzing effect in the mirror… I promise you that the new digital cameras that we use will pick it up. Any artificial tanning method bronzes your skin. Self tanners are the worst for photography as they tend to streak no matter how diligent you are at applying it.

For those of you who just simply must be a few shades darker…. go to a professional salon that specializes in air brushing. The pros are trained to give your skin a sun kissed look without the orange tone and with no dreaded streaks.


~ Panic Dieting

When a woman decides to have boudoir portraits taken the first thing that she panics about is her physical appearance. Then comes the fad or crash diets which in the end just drain the life out of you. Dieting is something that can really be harmful if done to extremes. Losing a few pounds or toning those soft areas is fine. Just make sure you do it in a healthy way so that you look your very best. There is nothing worse than trying to photograph a model that has no energy, no glow, and looks lifeless on camera.


~Tight clothing or undergarments

The day of the shoot you simply must avoid wearing anything with elastic. You don’t want to have unsightly marks from panties, waistbands or even bras. Find a loose-fitting button up shirt and very loose-fitting draw string pants to wear to the studio. Or even better, a slip on dress that you can pull down instead of over your head. If you are brave enough, leave the undergarments to wear after your photo session. Those red impressions that panties and, bras leave behind will not go away during your photo shoot and, tend to make editing a nightmare.


~ Anxiety – The Secret Session Killer – Everyone feels nervous before their session. It is totally normal and once you get here, you will be just fine. Remember that the women you viewed on my website are not models, they are regular women just like you and they were nervous too (although I’d bet you wouldn’t know by looking at their pictures!) I have a natural way of setting my ladies at ease and getting them to warm up to my camera quickly.
Nervousness and anxiety can manifest in odd ways such as cold and flu like symptoms, spotting, early monthly visitor, nausea, irritated bowels, sleeplessness, acne breakouts, and the list goes on. Please do not freak out and try to cancel your appointment. Suck it up, show up and once you get here, you will be fine. We will have fun and the images will come out as good as if you were feeling 100% Between my makeup artist, some strong posing and my Photoshop skills, you could be post-mortem and we could make you look like a million bucks!


Cancellation Policy – From the moment you scheduled your session, we started working on getting ready for you! Staff is paid, whether you show up or not. Please contact us if you must cancel. If it is less then 14 days prior to your session, then a new session fee will be required to reschedule, and a $50 rescheduling fee will be due. If you simply did not show up and do not call then a $100 fee will be charged to the card we have on file. We may waive that additional session fee, based on our own judgement at the time of cancellation and handle each on an individual basis. In case of an emergency, we are very understanding and compassionate, but please know that a head cold, bloating, or starting your cycle does not constitute an emergency worthy of changing your session date. If you call us, please don’t be surprised if we request written notification as well, as per your contract..




When do I get to see my Proofs:

We do offer day of ordering.

Or you can also schedule a future session in which you see full edits. There is a $75 charge for a fully edited gallery done pre-order. This amount can be applied toward any order.


When do I order my products?

During your viewing session is the time you will have to order. Viewing sessions are scheduled for one hour. That will give us plenty of time to view your images and decide. You will be able to touch/feel the products while in the studio for your session.


When will I receive my Order (product):

Three weeks for me to design your products and prepare to send to the lab and an additional week for the lab to produce and send them to me. Why so long? We are a small operation and between all the daily tasks of running a business, there are kids and holidays that come up too. You can imagine how busy I am so please know I am working hard to produce beautiful imagery that is not rushed or compromised in any way. I sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience!


In a time bind?

If you need your order by a certain date that falls before the product delivery timeline, I recommend making your viewing/ordering session the present. Significant others LOVE when they are brought in on this process, the realization that the images were done for them and then being made part of the selection process makes it very special for both parties. Or you can purchase the gallery slideshow and gift that to him while you wait for your final product to come in. The gallery is basic retouched and comes set to sexy music and it’s up to you to think up a fun romantic way to present it to your honey. If you don’t want to do either, we do provide a rush fee which will give you a 2 week production time. 50% of the order total or $250 whichever is greater. I reserve the right to refuse rush fees if I cannot fit the time in my schedule.


How much will I spend on my order?

Well, that is up to you. It will depend on what you want to do with your images. Some spend more and treat their experience as a once-in-a-lifetime pampering event, others shop small and spend less so they can return often. Whatever you choose to purchase will be fine with me. The full pricing list is located HERE.

You will make your purchasing decisions on the day of your ordering appointment. We accept credit cards, do a 5% discount if you pay in cash the day of your ordering appointment, and also offer in-house payment plans.

Payment Plans

I also offer a low-cost payment plan for any orders you make. Payment plans require a credit card or debit card to be on file.

Terms of In-House, No-Interest Payment plans:

  • $99 Startup Fee, plus, 10% Downpayment to start plan

  • Longest term of payment plan is 12 months, 

most clients sign up for 5 months

  • Minimum monthly payment is $250

  • Products are delivered after the payment plan is paid in full

Square Credit
Want your photos NOW and want to make payments? Check out Square Installments, get pre-apporved today

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