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We’re here to show you just how beautiful you are

Maybe you haven’t felt like yourself lately and you want to dig deeper and get curious about who YOU really are.
Maybe you feel devalued and you want to feel better.
Maybe you think your significant other deserves better than mirror selfies after you’re fresh out of the shower.
Maybe you feel amazing in your own skin right now and want to capture this moment in time.


Whatever your reason, Alter Ego Boudoir Photography is here to help you gain confidence, define your own version of beauty, and change your life for the better.


Okay, you might be thinking… is taking photos in my undies really gonna change my life?


But we’re not exaggerating here.


Here at Alter Ego Boudoir Studio, you’ll take a moment for yourself, get unstuck, strengthen your relationships, feel a sense of community, and discover just how beautiful, powerful, and RADIANT you are.


All through genuine self-reflection, a safe, empowering, self-affirming photoshoot experience, and jaw-droppingly beautiful images you’ll cherish forever.


If you don’t always love what you see in the mirror… seeing yourself through our camera’s lens will help you on that self-love journey long after you leave the studio.





A Glimpse of Alter Ego Boudoir Studio

On your journey to find the ideal Michigan boudoir photographer, I'm sure you've found that many don't have dedicated studio spaces. They often shoot out of hotels, studios, basements, or even their own homes. 


Alter Ego Boudoir is one of the few that offers a studio that’s entirely dedicated to boudoir photography. We’re registered with the city and offer a safe, private, welcoming environment for you to embrace and uncover your most beautiful, truest self.

Alter Ego Boudoir - Catherine Kellie, founder, working at her desk.
Alter Ego Boudoir - Desktop
Alter Ego Boudoir - Behind the Scenes Hair and Makeup Session
Alter Ego Boudoir - behind the scene photo
Alter Ego Boudoir Branding Picture Featuring a Client with Their Photo Album
Alter Ego Boudoir: Behind the Scenes - A Client Admiring Their Boudoir Photo Album
Alter Ego Boudoir - Product Picture: FOLIOS. Perfect for desktop displays, tabletop gifts, and more!
Alter Ego Boudoir's captivating WallArt

Private studio dedicated entirely to professional Michigan boudoir photography
On-site pro hair & makeup
All-female studio staff
Premium art albums & products
20+ on-site sets 
Wardrobe closet
Professional editing & retouching

Meet the Team

Alter Ego Boudoir, Michigan, Catherine Kellie - Founder and Primary Photographer
Alter Ego Boudoir, Michigan, Catherine Kellie - Founder and Primary Photographer holding a camera
Gorgeous Alter Ego Boudoir, Michigan, Catherine Kellie - Founder and Primary Photographer


Owner, principal photographer, and founder

Hi! I’m Cat. I’ve made it my life’s mission to help women grow their sense of self-worth through courage, vulnerability, and boudoir. 


With over a decade of boudoir photography experience, I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of women uncover their alter egos – and it never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful, powerful, sexy, and one-of-a-kind each woman I photograph truly is. No matter who you are, how confident you feel, or what society has to say about your beauty, you belong here and you deserve to take up space, in my studio and in the world!


Boudoir photography has some serious, almost magical results – I’ve seen how it heals self-worth issues, uncovers parts of a person’s identity they never even knew was there, and literally changes lives. But what I also love is how FUN it is – you and I will spend a few hours embracing what makes you you, getting all dolled up, trying out different poses, jamming out to music, and basically having a dress-up playdate together. You’re gonna love it!


I can’t wait to help you embrace your alter ego!

Alter Ego Boudoir, Michigan, Deneen our Studio Administrator


Studio Administrator/Customer Service Queen

AEB Staff


Virtual Assistant

Alter Ego Boudoir, Michigan, Daniella, our associate photographer



Alter Ego Boudoir, Michigan, Miljana, our associate photographer



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