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Yay! We're excited to see you here!

Captivate memories that ignite your spirit and celebrate your uniqueness. Join Alter Ego Boudoir Kitten Club!


Limited spots are available, so SIGN UP now for a chance to be part of this extraordinary club and you can only be ONE winner!

Check out all the details about our

AEB Kitten Club below & TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

Remember, when the spots are full, they're full. Don't let this opportunity slip through your paws. Join the Kitten Club and unleash a world of feline wonders that will leave you in awe. It's not just about gaining access to incredible photos; it's about experiencing the camaraderie, inspiration, and pure bliss that comes with being apart of something extraordinary.

Note: There will only be one winner, and if it's you - YAY! I will refund your money spent, no worries.

So, what are you waiting for? Leap into the world of the Kitten Club, where adorable kittens, breathtaking moments, and a sense of belonging await. Sign up now, and let the adventure begin!

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Jenna Blacklight-111.jpg

Are You Ready For The Most Exciting Year Yet?

Anchor - Connect Form

What If You Could Come In For A Photoshoot EVERY . SINGLE . MONTH!?!

Raise your hand if you've felt this!

I can't tell you how often I've heard women around here say this. The photo shoot itself makes you feel so ALIVE and free! This time is just what you need to escape the world, appreciate your body, get in touch with your sexual side, and bring to life the ultimate version of you! 

BUT... it's so dang expensive to do that. 

There is the session fee, $699 if you're doing a quickie, then the cost of the photos, and we both know you're going to love them ALL (or at least way more than you thought you would!) You know that it's worth the cost. There is so much work that goes into the photo shoot on our end, there is staff to pay, overhead, ongoing skill sharpening, and all things business, so you get it, but it's just not practical. 

Until today... 

I've been trying to come up with a way to be able to offer BOTH-increasing the number of times you come to the studio while being able to keep the doors open, not have to let any staff go, and remain sane! lol

KC Club img A.webp


Introducing the AEB KC.jpg

What Is The AEB Kitten Club?

The Club is the opportunity to come into the studio either monthly or bi-monthly for a unique-themed photoshoot! What makes this EXTRA AMAZING is that it includes digital files from each shoot, the sets will be dynamic, and most importantly you are going to be able to meet other women, just like you, whom you can collaborate with, be friends, and travel on this journey with! 

Let's face it. We were in our home sway too long It's time to get out there and start doing things again! Not all of our friends are the same as they once were. Some of us are experiencing some large group, social anxiety, but life-it's an adventure! Join in with some powerful females and experience the joy of community.



♡ ♡ ♡

"It was a lot more of an opportunity to be expressive with your creativity rather than just focusing on sexiness. It was being beautiful in yourself."

"I really thought it was gonna be a lot of like, really just sexy pictures and a lot of like boudoir, those kinds of things which we do. But it's we're not really feeling like we're doing it for other people anymore. We're doing it for ourselves."

- Maria

"I have been part of the kitten club since it first started. I originally joined just to increase my self-esteem and feel better about myself. And what better way than through pictures, right?...

...What I didn't expect was that I would gain so many friendships. This has been truly amazing. The other women in this group are phenomenal."

- Kelly

"I've been a Kitten Club member for a year, and I signed up again this year...  


...On a daily or regular basis, I should say, I was just looking for that camaraderie and something to look forward to and a self-esteem boost because I was lacking that. Since then I gained all of those things and so much more. I became friends with the other ladies, shared some experiences with them, and had much fun encouraging them and receiving encouragement when I needed it. And the reason why I signed back up was that it's so much fun and I'd still like to keep that connection going with other women, encourage other women, and continue to find myself because that is not something that's done overnight or in a year..."

- Jenna

"Before joining the Kitten Club, I had lost my competence and my self-esteem. I didn't really know who I was anymore, but the group of ladies, they're awesome.


It helped me find myself again, and I'm still on that journey, so that's why I decided
to resign again this year. I want to continue that journey of friendship fun and beauty, and feeling fantastic and fierce at the same time...

- Katy

Are you in a good place with your self-esteem and confidence?

Yes? AWESOME - let's document that shhhhhh.....t! 

No? Then you're in the right place. Ask any kitten that's been photographed in the studio and she will tell you that the confidence comes because of the shoot, not before. We will be doing some groundbreaking work this year as we strengthen our self-confidence over the next 12 months, all while having FUN and being super sexy!

What To Expect

✨  You select the membership level you prefer and the day of the week/time of day slot you'd like, mark your calendar, and show up!

✨ We have three-hour time blocks for you to arrive in. You can come and hang out with the other girls in your group, or pop in and out. It's up to you. This is how we do things with the Brand Ambassadors and it has worked out really well. They LOVE getting to know each other and sharing the fun! The girls are always super supportive, and encouraging, and enjoy grabbing a few behind-the-scenes pics for each other!

✨ After your shoot, I will narrow the photos down to my favs, select the number of images that you signed up for, edit, and send them on over to you!

✨ You will know the themes ahead of time. We will have a private group to collaborate in (super helpful if you're looking for something to borrow from someone else, like shoes!) And if you have some fun ideas along the way - I'm always open to hearing them!


✨ Throughout the year, we will have special events that you will be invited to join in on!These events can be anything from creating vision boards, to meet ups at a local restaurant, to kayaking in the river...

Jenna bday 00101.jpg

Membership Levels

There are 3 levels of membership. The differences include:

✨  Frequency

(every month, or every other month)


(how many images)


(time it takes to receive your images)

Help with wardrobe

(use of our closet, or only bring your own)



Did Someone Say RETREAT!?!?


Retreat Group Pic.jpg

✨ All GlamourPUSS members will be invited to our February Retreat!!! All you need to do is get there and will take care of you. It will be filled with activities that give you the Ultimate You Time Weekend!

Get your booties ready to be pampered and spoiled!

The GlamourPUSS level is for the woman that is wanting the ultimate experience! 

You will be here EVERY MONTH, so you will get access to extra sets and I have some really cool ideas up my sleeves for you!

That's 12 quickieshoots, with a bonus look pick-me-up, which is over a $5000 value right there.

BUT WAIT... there's more...

✨ I will select my favorite 10 images to deliver to you within 10 days of your shoot!

They will be added to a custom app on your phone ($950 value) and included in a private gallery, at high resolution, for you to download to a Custom USB that I will be gifting to you!

That's 120 images, with 12 different sets, for a full year of AMAZINGNESS!

If you were to purchase one full gallery of images at your shoot, you would spend over$4400! This is 12 shoots, styling, community, images, and...


(is your mind blown yet?)

Now I know you're wondering - how much is ALL THIS to cost me?

A lot less than you'd think.

To help you out - I even divided the payments by 12, so you don't have to make one big payment!

So nice, I know :D

The price for all these goodies, and to be a GlamourPUSS Kitten for 2023-24 years, is only $8,888.

Jenna Mexico-135.jpg


You may be thinking, sounds great, but this is more than I really need. I want to do this, but every month is too often.


That's cool. I've got something created just for you too.


We have two additional levels that bring you in every other month!


No matter what level you hop in at, you can expect a full year of tapping into your divine feminine and unleashing the sexual goddess inside.


Your membership will also foster the feelings and beliefs you have about:

🌻 ongoing self-worth and personal value

🌻 self-expression

🌻 sisterhood

🌻 friendship

🌻 unleashing your free spirit

Anchor - Membership Level

Membership Levels

There are 3 levels of membership. The differences include:


12 easy payments (or $8, 888 Paid in Full)

12 Custom Photoshoots, 2looks
10 Hi-Res, Digital Photos every month, photogs choice
All images in BOTH Color & Black-N-White
Custom Photo App for Phone
Use of Studio Wardrobe and shoe closet
2 makeup/rescheduled dates (with the exception of any off-site rentals)
Winter Retreat!

June - X
July - X
Aug - X
Sep - X
Oct - X
Nov - X
December - X
Jan - X
Feb - X
Mar - X
Apr - X
May - X


12 easy payments (or $5, 288 Paid in Full)

6 custom Photoshoots, 2 looks
8 Hi-Res, Digital Photos every month, photogs choice
Custom Photo App for Phone
Use of Studio Wardrobe and shoe closet

July - Picnic in the Park and bring your wheels for a second look!
Sep - Into the Woods and SMOKEBOMBS!
Nov - Santa Baby and Ringing in the New Year, second look!
Jan - In the Clouds and Glo Angel, secondlook!
Mar - Vinyl and Rain Room, second look!
May - Classic Legacy and Zodiac Goddess, second look!


12 easy payments (or $4, 099 Paid in Full)

6 custom Photoshoots, one look
4 Digital Photos every month, photogs choice
Kitten Club Exclusive Events closet

July - Picnic in the Park
Sep - Into the Woods
Nov - Santa Baby
Jan - In the Clouds 
Mar - Vinyl
May - Classic Legacy

  • Standard vs Premium Sets – which sets the purr-fect stage for your boudoir adventure?
    Our standard sets cover the essentials - bed, window/wall, floor, couch, and chair. But for that extra touch of magic, our premium sets come to life with Dream and Icon Sessions. Check out the options here.
  • Making payments - is this an option?
    You have choices – pay in full or opt for a payment plan by spreading the cost across 12 manageable payments. The beauty of it all is that you can come in for your photoshoot AND select all your favorite images for your collection BEFORE full payment is due. Secure a spot on our calendar with just one payment for Dream or Icon Sessions (or two for a quickie shoot) and seamlessly manage your payments while preparing for your photoshoot. When everything's settled, it's your moment to receive your exceptional shots.
  • What if life happens, and I need to cancel my photoshoot?
    Deposits are like the unsung heroes – not refundable, but forever flexible. If life's script changes, we'll work it out. Some fees may join the party, depending on when the plot twist happens.
  • Who's behind the lens? Any “kings” in this castle?
    t's a girl gang affair here. All-female powerhouse, teamed up with local talents, crafting moments that feel like magic. We're not just capturing photos; we're creating an experience that will last for your lifetime.
  • Glam squad - are they fluent in my style language?
    Our pros are multilingual in the art of beauty. Every skin type, every hair texture – they've got the skills and a kit stocked for every beautiful shade and curl.
  • Wardrobe dilemmas – do I raid your closet or bring my own runway?
    Many bring their own attire, but with Dream and Icon Sessions, you gain access to our wardrobe. Plan a preview session in advance, and confidently enter the shoot with style.
  • Military love – any discounts for the heroes in uniform?
    Salute to our military stars! Enjoy a 5% discount on any full-priced purchase. Pay upfront or break it down; just don't pair it with ongoing sales.
  • Special vibes for breast cancer warriors?
    We've got a special chapter for the brave souls fighting breast cancer. Buy one, Get one half off – capturing the journey pre and post-surgery, making it twice as powerful.
  • Making a difference with non-profits, tell me the story.
    We're in the business of building confidence worldwide. Supporting local charities like Turning Point, Macomb; Haven, Oakland; and The Sparkle Network – because empowering women never goes out of style.
  • Fundraising and photo magic – can we make the connection?
    Absolutely! Slide into our DMs at, and let's chat about adding a touch of glamour to your fundraising journey.
  • Timing is key, right? How early should I book for a photo gift?
    Picture this: Book your shoot 6-8 weeks before the grand reveal to ensure a flawless experience. No rush charges, just pure anticipation and excitement.
  • Baby on board! When's the best time for a maternity shoot?
    Flaunt the bump at 22 or embrace the glow at 36 – we're here to capture the magic. The sweet spot is between 28-32 weeks, but we're flexible.
  • Privacy rules – because it's your story. What to know.
    You're the star of the show, kitten! Whether you crave the spotlight or prefer exclusivity, we roll with your vibe. Your images stay under wraps unless you give the green light – your story, your rules.
  • The women on your website look like models. What if I don’t look like that?
    If we had a dollar for every time we heard this one! The women we photograph are real women, just like you and me. Boudoir photos are for every woman, regardless of shape, size or age. Plus, we’ll coach you through the entire process, so no need to worry if you haven’t spent much time in front of the camera. To toot our own horn a little bit, we are really good at what we do, and we guarantee that you will look amazing!
  • I’ve never done this before. I'm nervous!
    Hey, that’s understandable… it’s not every day that you call up a complete stranger to take pictures of you wearing lingerie! Our clients often walk in feeling a bit nervous, but always leave smiling and talking about how much fun they had. You may not do this often, but we do and we’ll help you feel comfortable, beautiful, and empowered. If you’re not sure what to expect, click here to learn a little more about the process. We also offer an in-studio consultation so you can get to know our team and space ahead of your photoshoot, which can definitely help calm those nerves.
  • I don’t know how to pose sexy! Will you help?
    Yes ma’am! We’re experts at boudoir poses and will direct you through the entire session. We’ll get into the pose ourselves to show you how it looks, then assist you in assuming the pose from head to toe. Trust us, we’re professional boudoir photographers… and we all know what it’s like to be on your side of the lens, too!
  • I have very specific ideas and props for my shoot. Can we do that?
    Let’s do it! We absolutely encourage you to bring in your ideas. We may not be able to recreate your entire Pinterest board, but we’d love to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. A few notes: If you have props, bring them and we’ll incorporate them in! Guns are allowed, but please inform us first if you’re planning on bringing them for your shoot. Costume outfits are welcome! Coming prepared with pose ideas is totally fine, but not necessary – we’ve been doing this for a long time and know what poses will look great! If you have very specific ideas or multiple props to use in your session, it may be considered a custom session with special pricing. Please call for more details.
  • Do you photograph Pin-Up or Burlesque style?
    Absolutely! We LOVE capturing your Alter Ego, no matter who she may be. We offer luxe sets in Pin-Up and Burlesque styles, along with traditional solid pin-up backdrops. If you have any specific props in mind, feel free to bring your own!
  • Do I have to get naked for my photoshoot?
    No way! You can be as revealing or covered up as you wish. We want you to feel comfortable and sexy – whether that involves a silky robe, a T-shirt, a plunging neckline, or a lace teddy, we’ll make it work!
  • …But can I get naked for my photoshoot?
    Yes! We do photograph nudes in a tasteful, artistic style.
  • What does “professional retouching” of my photos include?
    We use Photoshop to edit and retouch your photos. We use it to remove blemishes, scrapes, bruises and anything temporary on the skin. Upon request, we will also remove the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and smooth out cellulite. We also do minor body modifications where we smooth any bumps and bulges caused by the pose or wardrobe. Why do we use Photoshop, you may ask? To us, it’s no different from wearing Spanx or putting makeup on to enhance your natural beauty. We use Photoshop to help you see what everyone else sees when they look at you!
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    No worries! You may reschedule your session with a 30 day notice once, free of charge. If you reschedule your session within 30 days of the session date, it will be subject to a $250 rescheduling fee. Special consideration will be taken for unforeseeable events.
  • When should I book if I need my order back by a specific date?
    We recommend booking about 6 weeks in advance for orders needed by a certain date. If you require a quicker turnaround, please contact us to see if we have the availability.
  • What is the turnaround time for my order?
    Once your session is complete, your images will be ready for review 10-20 days after your session. We’ll schedule your Image Debut Session at your photoshoot. If you pay in full and your order includes digital images and/or our Mobile Art Gallery App, you will receive your images immediately. Photo albums have a production time of 3-4 weeks after order placement. Please note that if you choose a payment plan, we will hold all images and albums until paid in full.
  • I'm so pale! Should I tan for my session?
    Short answer: No! Self-tanning products can often leave your skin blotchy or with an orange tint that comes through in photos. Honestly, we would much rather have you come in pale or with a very light tan. If you decide you would like a little color for your session, we recommend getting a light spray tan 4-5 days before your session so it has time to fade a little. Be sure to watch the areas around your ankles, knees and wrists. If you use a tanning bed, watch the area under your bottom and arms, where white areas are often visible. If you do come in with blotchy areas, a deep sunburn or heavy tan lines, we will not be responsible for evening the skin and removing any problem areas.
  • May I bring a friend with me?
    Friends aren’t allowed in the shooting areas. To get the best photos possible, we need you to be 100% present during your photo session… meaning we don't want you to hold back because you’re not comfortable posing and feeling sexy in front of a friend! If you do bring someone with you, they will be required to wait in the hair and makeup room.
  • May I bring my husband/boyfriend/partner with me?
    Men are not allowed in the studio during a session unless a couple’s session is booked. But your partner is more than welcome to come along to your Image Debut appointment!
  • Do I have to place an order at my image debut session?
    Yes. (Unless you’ve ordered products ahead of time with an All Inclusive Package!) If no order is placed at the Image Debut, your images will be deleted. We do not hold onto any images that are not purchased.


Alter Ego-9642.jpg

Picnic In The Park

Looking to capture a playful and adventurous side of your boudoir shoot? Look no further than the Picnic In The Park theme. This whimsical and romantic setting features a cozy blanket, decorative pillows, and charming picnic baskets, creating the perfect atmosphere for capturing sensual and intimate photographs. With a picturesque outdoor location, such as a park or garden, this theme provides a warm and intimate ambiance that will bring out your natural beauty and confidence. Don't miss out on this unique and unforgettable boudoir photography experience.

Beth PITP-106.jpg

Bring Your Wheels

Are you ready to bring your unique personality and style to your boudoir photography shoot? With the Bring Your Wheels theme, you can incorporate your favorite mode of transportation into your boudoir photos. Whether it's a classic car, motorcycle, or even a bicycle, this theme provides a playful and fun atmosphere to showcase your sensual side. With this theme, we can work together to create a personalized and unforgettable boudoir photography experience that reflects your individuality and style.

KC WHeels.jpg

Strip It Down

Embrace your inner confidence and showcase your natural beauty in a bold and daring way! 

The Strip It Down theme is all about shedding layers and inhibitions to capture your sensual and intimate side. With this theme, we will work together to create a comfortable and safe environment where you can let go of any insecurities and embrace your beauty and femininity. Whether it's lingerie or tasteful nudity, the Strip It Down theme provides a unique and empowering boudoir photography experience that celebrates your body and individuality.

JENNA SC-11.jpg

Into The Woods

Add a touch of nature and adventure to your boudoir photography experience. The Into The Woods theme provides a stunning and picturesque outdoor setting that captures the natural beauty and sensuality of boudoir photography.


With this theme, we will venture into the woods to find a secluded and tranquil spot to capture intimate and sensual photographs. The lush greenery and natural lighting create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for highlighting your natural beauty and confidence. Whether it's playful and adventurous or soft and romantic, the Into The Woods theme provides a unique and unforgettable boudoir photography experience that celebrates your individuality and sensuality.

Tiffany Spooky 23-102.jpg

Smoke Bombs!

Looking for a bold and edgy boudoir photography experience? The Smoke Bombs theme offers a unique and exciting way to capture your sensual and intimate side. With this theme, we incorporate colorful smoke bombs into your boudoir shoot, creating a visually stunning and dynamic atmosphere. The vibrant hues of the smoke add a dramatic and bold element to your photos, while also highlighting your natural beauty and sensuality. Whether it's playful and adventurous or dark and moody, the Smoke Bombs theme provides a unique and unforgettable boudoir photography experience that reflects your individuality and style.

Katy Spooky 23-301.jpg


A boudoir photography experience that's both classic and timeless. The Boud-Noir theme offers a sleek and elegant setting to capture your sensual and intimate side.


With this theme, we incorporate black lingerie, sultry makeup, and moody lighting to create a sophisticated and alluring atmosphere. The dark and dramatic ambiance of Boud-Noir emphasizes your natural beauty and sensuality, while also adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to your photos. Whether it's playful and seductive or bold and daring, the Boud-Noir theme provides a unique and unforgettable boudoir photography experience that showcases your individuality and style.

Kelly BoudNOIR104.jpg

Ringing In The New Year

Ready to celebrate the new year with a unique and exciting boudoir photography experience? 
The Ringing In The New Year theme offers a festive and playful setting to capture your sensual and intimate side. 

With this theme, we incorporate festive props such as party hats, champagne glasses, and confetti to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere. The festive ambiance of Ringing In The New Year allows you to let loose and showcase your playful and adventurous side, while also highlighting your natural beauty and sensuality. Whether it's cute and bubbly or bold and daring, the Ringing In The New Year theme provides a unique and unforgettable boudoir photography experience that reflects your individuality and style. Don't hesitate to add a touch of celebration and fun to your boudoir shoot and create stunning, captivating images that commemorate the start of a new year.


Santa Baby

Capture your sensual and playful side with the Santa Baby theme in your boudoir photography session. Incorporating festive props such as Santa hats, candy canes, and stockings, this theme highlights your natural beauty and sensuality in a fun and festive atmosphere. Celebrate the holiday season by adding a touch of festive cheer to your boudoir shoot and create unforgettable memories that reflect your individuality and style.


We offer the choice to include a male model dressed as Santa Claus to add some mischievous fun to your Santa Baby boudoir session. If you're interested, you can either bring your own model or let us know in advance.

Beth Xmas NY 23-102.jpg

Kitchen & Bath Field Trip!

Add a unique twist to your boudoir photography session! Our Kitchen & Bath Field Trip theme is the perfect choice for those who want to showcase their sensuality in a playful and creative way.


With this theme, we take you on a journey to explore the sensual potential of everyday spaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom. From posing on the kitchen counter to soaking in a luxurious bubble bath, our Kitchen & Bath Field Trip theme allows you to showcase your sensual side in unexpected ways.


Our goal is to create a personalized boudoir photography experience that captures your individual style and personality, while also celebrating the beauty and sensuality of everyday life. Experience the magic of turning ordinary spaces into sensual playgrounds!

Beth AirBNB-206 KnB.jpg

Glo Angel

The Glo Angel boudoir photography theme is all about capturing your sensual side in a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere. With soft lighting and glowing props, we could create a heavenly ambiance that showcases your natural beauty and sensuality. From angel wings to glowing halos, our Glo Angel theme allows you to showcase your playful and mischievous side while also highlighting your feminine grace and beauty.


Our goal is to create a personalized boudoir photography experience that captures your unique style and personality, while also creating captivating and unforgettable images that celebrate your sensuality. Let us create a magical and dreamy atmosphere that captures your sensual essence!

Jenna Blacklight-101.jpg

In The Clouds

This theme is all about creating a surreal and whimsical atmosphere that captures your sensual and dreamy side. With fluffy white clouds as props, we could create a heavenly ambiance that showcases your natural beauty and sensuality. From floating in the clouds to lounging on a fluffy cloud bed, our In The Clouds theme allows you to showcase your playful and mischievous side while also highlighting your feminine grace and beauty.

Our goal is to create a personalized boudoir photography experience that captures your unique style and personality, while also creating captivating and unforgettable images that celebrate your sensuality.

Tiffany Angel -9.jpg

Tropical RETREAT

Step into a tropical paradise with our Tropical boudoir photography theme!

With this theme, we bring the exotic essence of the tropics to your boudoir shoot, featuring lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and soft white sands. Imagine yourself lounging in a hammock or taking a dip in crystal-clear waters while showcasing your sensual and alluring side.


This theme provides a unique and unforgettable experience that captures your natural beauty and sensuality in a breathtaking setting.

Katy Beach 00001.jpg


Get ready to rock and roll with our edgy and retro-inspired boudoir photography theme! The Vinyl theme is all about showcasing your bold, daring, and confident side. We'll create a funky and eccentric atmosphere by incorporating vintage props, neon lights, and vinyl records to bring out your inner rockstar.


Whether you're looking to channel your inner Madonna, David Bowie, or your unique style, we'll capture stunning and captivating images that celebrate your individuality. Let's transport you back to the 80s and 90s and create a boudoir photography experience that is unforgettable!

Amanda Vinyl-100.jpg

Blacklight Boudoir

Step into a world of vibrant colors and electrifying energy with our Blacklight Boudoir photography theme! This unique experience provides a captivating and exciting setting that showcases your inner glow and vibrancy.


With the Blacklight Boudoir theme, we incorporate neon lights and blacklight to create a mesmerizing and alluring atmosphere that illuminates your natural beauty and sensuality. Whether you want to explore your playful and fun side or bring out your bold and daring personality, this theme provides an unforgettable and captivating boudoir photography experience that celebrates your individuality and style.


Let's create stunning and captivating images that showcase your radiance and spirit in a setting that's as bold and brilliant as you are.

Beth Blacklight-116.jpg

* Months for GlamourPuss members only
* Dates/Themes are subject to change


♥ ♥ ♥

Kelly Testimonial Img.jpg


“I have LOVED the people I have met and the self-esteem boost that comes with this. Do it, you will find it is so empowering!!!"
Katy Testim.jpg


“I have loved getting to know other women, the opportunity to express myself with the photos and honestly dress up and have fun! IT IS AMAZING! And honestly, I know it looks like a little bit of an investment, but break it down by day? Think about the investment you make in other things and this is something that is a journey that you can look back on and enjoy for a lifetime and meet new people along the way and learn about yourself.”
Maria Testim.jpg


“I have loved the empowerment that this group gives. Being around amazing strong women and encouraging each other. Just DO IT! I try to talk my friends into it all the time. It's an amazing experience.”
Tiffany Testim.jpg


“I have loved the different picture ideas and getting to meet the other ladies and connect. I was so nervous but I loved every minute of this."
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45169 Vandyke Ave. Utica, MI 48317

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