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THANK YOU to all the ladies who visited our booth yesterday! It was so nice to meet you all and get to know you better. As promised, we've announced the winner of our booth prize - LOVER'S LANE GIFT CARD and it's posted in our FB Group.

I've heard from many of you today 🥰 asking about the show pricing. Those prices are good during the show only, however, some of the ladies didn't realize this, and some of you forgot to come back around, had to leave, or needed to do some research before you wanted to purchase - I totally get it!

​ So, for those of you who are NOW ready to grab your session - this is for you! Continue reading below to see our SPECIAL OFFER JUST FOR YOU!

What is Wedding or Bridal Boudoir?

Wedding or bridal boudoir is a unique and intimate photography genre that celebrates the beauty, sensuality, and romance of brides-to-be. It's a chance for a bride to express her inner confidence, allure, and anticipation for her upcoming wedding day through a series of tastefully captured images.

But what sets bridal boudoir apart from traditional wedding photography? In essence, it's all about capturing the essence of the bride's femininity, elegance, and individuality in a more intimate setting. Think soft lighting, luxurious lingerie, and poses that exude both grace and allure.

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Why consider a boudoir photoshoot, you ask?

Imagine the joy on your partner's face as they unwrap a beautifully crafted album filled with stunning images of you, radiating confidence and allure. It's not just about capturing your physical beauty, but also celebrating your journey to this special moment in your life.

​Picture this: he's invested so much in that sparkling symbol of your love, the wedding ring. Yet, when it comes to his ring, it feels like a mere fraction of the cost. You find yourself pondering, is this truly an equal exchange? Or perhaps, it's more than just a trade-off. It's a gesture of love, a gift that extends beyond the ring itself.

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At the heart of our boudoir experience is the belief that every bride deserves to feel empowered and desired, regardless of shape, size, or age. Whether you're a blushing bride-to-be or celebrating a second chance at love, our goal is to make you feel utterly breathtaking in your own skin.

​We understand that some brides may have reservations about boudoir photography. Perhaps you're feeling self-conscious about certain aspects of your appearance or worried about not fitting into traditional beauty standards. But let us assure you, boudoir is for every body. It's about embracing your unique essence and owning your sensuality, no matter what.

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Forget the notion that boudoir is only for those who fit a certain mold. You can wear any color, indulge in any fantasy, and express yourself in any way you choose. Whether you prefer soft pastels or bold florals, our experienced team will tailor the shoot to reflect your individual style and personality.

So why wait? Treat yourself to a boudoir experience that celebrates all that you are – inside and out. Let us capture the essence of your beauty, so you can cherish it for a lifetime. This is your moment to shine, to feel desired, and to say, "Hey, this is me!"



Bombshell Session


(reg. $699)

Indulge in our all-inclusive Bridal Boudoir Package designed to capture your essence and elevate your confidence for your wedding day. Here's what's included:

Posing for EVERY body type

Pre-Shoot Consolation

Hair & Makeup Styling

3 Outfit/Set Changes

Complete Wardrobe Guidance

Unforgettable Boudoir Shoot with the Alter Ego Boudoir Team

​Over 120 edited images in your final gallery to order from at an image debut​

PLUS $100 Studio Credit to use at your image debut

Ready to LOCK in 2024 prices but want to wait to select your shoot date? NO PROBLEM! They are good for 2 years!!! To take advantage of this amazing offer just reply to our email and we will get you all set up!

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All female studio staff!

We have a studio space that you come to (No hotels or home basements here! Yes - there are LOTS of photographers that shoot out of those locations!) ​​

We are registered with the City & State! (we won't be disappearing...)​

We have EXPERIENCE! Cat, Alter Ego's Founder, has been focusing on boudoir for the past 7 years, and is committed to helping other photographers grow and learn.​

This is our SPECIALTY! (many boudoir photographers are generalists, we study, practice, and learn everything there is in making your boudoir images the best there is! And we bring it all to you and your shoot!)​

We are more than just a photo - We know that self-confidence does increase, INSTANTANEOUSLY with your shoot, but it doesn't start and stop there with our team. We are dedicated to the people we serve and play an ongoing active role in building community and doing the inside work so we all FEEL good, while we show up looking HOT and amazing on the outside.

Speaking of community - you may see us out there. We give back by supporting local non-profits that aid in building up the self-esteem and life of women in our neighborhoods.

Turning Moments into Memories

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Product 2.jpg

After your session, you'll have the opportunity to review and select your favorite images from the shoot. From beautifully crafted albums to unique keepsakes like our Retro Reel/Viewmaster, we offer a variety of options for showcasing your photos in style. Imagine the look on your partner's face as they flip through a personalized album filled with stunning images of you, or the nostalgia of viewing your boudoir session through the lens of a Retro Reel/Viewmaster.


Testimonial ft img 1.jpg

"Catherine is the most welcoming person and makes you feel so comfortable. Her studio is comfy yet sensual. Everytime I go, I leave feeling better than before. Its definitely more than photos, its a feeling and experience."


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"A boudoir experience at Alter Ego is something every woman should have at least once in her lifetime. I was so nervous going into my first shoot, but Cat was amazing! She not only made me comfortable and helped me in posing, but she also helped me see the goddess that resides inside me. I walked away from my shoot feeling like the most bad a** woman on the street. Couldn't be happier with the experience or the images."


Testimonial ft img 3.jpg

"My experience was absolutely amazing with Cat! I was so hesitant to do a shoot due to my self-confidence... she broke my shell and made me feel AMAZING. Her talent is unmatched. If you have been debating doing a shoot - book it. You will NOT regret it. Excited for my next shoot ❤️"


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Posing Direction For Every Body-type!

Don't Worry, You Don't Need To Be An Expert!

Boudoir may be a step out of your comfort zone but it is also a step INTO self-love and acceptance! We have photographed many kinds of women who come from all different walks of life. We'll have you know — whether you are in your 20s or 60s, we want you to feel jaw-droppingly gorgeous in your own skin!

45169 Vandyke Ave. Utica, MI 48317

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