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Do You Sleep in a Bra?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

It is an age old question, bra on or off while sleeping. It has been said that sleeping in a bra can cause major health problems, while others think that sleeping in a bra will prevent sagging. But what is the truth? If you wear your bra to bed will you get breast cancer or will it help your breast stay lifted? Well the answer is...

Wearing a bra to bed will not reverse the effects of gravity, but it can, however postpone them, especially if you are women with lager breasts. For women with large breast it can be very uncomfortable lying in bed. Breast tend to fall to the while sleeping without a bra. Not only will this cause un-comfort, but it can cause stretch marks. Ladies who wear a size 34D and up will benefit from sleeping in bras. Wearing a bra to bed can slow down the aging process of your chest as well.

Experts say that as long as the bra fits well it is perfectly fine to sleep in.


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