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Unlock Your Confidence: A Journey of Empowerment at the Boudoir Retreat

Updated: Mar 11

There are experiences in life that transform us, moments that challenge our limits, and opportunities that invite us to rediscover ourselves. Such was the journey of Rachel at our Boudoir Retreat in Puerto Rico. As we prepare for our next phenomenal chapter in Greece, it's time to immerse yourself in Rachel's candid reflection and see why this might just be the adventure you're seeking.

"On this retreat, there were multiple opportunities for me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Every time I said "yes" to Catherine, that I was accepting the challenge placed before me, I was also saying yes to MYSELF. I needed this so badly!

I consider myself to be a person who really works hard at self-reflection, yet I had no idea just how badly I needed this trip until I was there doing things!

On the first night, we were there, our group had a Bomba dance lesson on the beach! In the presence of locals who probably have a better rhythm than I, lol. Takeaways from this excursion: It's okay to make a fool of myself ('s okay to try something new even if I'm not perfect at it, is that better ☺). Laughing is so good for me. Music is so good for me. Moving my body is so good for me. Also... Jenna Yearkey is a darn great dancer!

On the 1st day there, Jayleen and I realized we both brought the same piece of Pure Romance lingerie! Totally did NOT plan that. There may be some photographic evidence of this, maybe we will show you someday.

Standing up on a huge stone wall in a long, flowing, red dress (that pretty much is tied onto my body with a wish and a prayer, lol), wind in my hair and on my skin as I stared out to the sea or at a camera... just wow. I felt like the camera was capturing me at the very moment that I was deciding I was taking charge of things in my life. I'm tired of allowing bullies and @$$holes to rule my life. What an empowering moment to have!

I hiked up to the "advanced" level of the waterfall in a rainforest which was not hiking... it was stepping on slippery clay, using roots and such as foothold and hand grips... not exactly vertical, but pretty close at times! The reward was seeing vibrant plants glistening in the sun on rocks after the rain... playing in the waterfall with Jayleen (it was pretty darn cold and we laughed our butts off)... and then... the three of us who made it up that far smeared some "warrior" mud on our faces and took a "fierce" selfie! We saw a guy proposing to his girlfriend in the waterfall, I think I heard her say "Don't drop my ring, dude."

Looking at photos of myself, especially my mermaid photos, elicited hyper-awareness of me not being content with my latest menopausal "shape." It was much harder than I anticipated.

We had a moon ceremony on our rooftop where we each wrote down something we needed to let go of... then burned it. I felt so optimistic and EXCITED about my future when I made the decision on that paper to stop comparing my body to other women's bodies and stop comparing my current body to the shape that I was 2 decades ago.

I am committing to reframing my thoughts to be curious about this lady right here. I'm curious about what this almost-47-year-old body CAN do. Loving her for what she has already done, such as surviving cancer, giving me 2 kids, and allowing me to be able to have a physically active career. What can THIS WOMAN... IN THIS BODY...AT THIS AGE...ACCOMPLISH? I feel alive and as though this heavy roadblock of doubt was bulldozed aside to reveal a path that I am made for. I am not sure I would have come to these conclusions if I had not been on this trip! Every nerve is tingling still!"

Rachel's journey is a testament to the transformative power of saying 'yes' to new experiences, to the thrill of embracing challenges, and to the beauty of self-acceptance. Imagine what a retreat could do for you – the laughter, the dances, the unforgettable moments, the landscapes, and the ceaseless discovery of your strength.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to say yes to yourself? The path to exhilaration and self-discovery awaits.

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Let the adventure begin!


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