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Mrs. B's Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

This beauty was unlike any other. She exuded confidence! Mrs. B was nothing less than classy. Her beauty radiated through her smile! Even though Mrs. B was super classy, she also had an extra sassy side! ;^)

Here's her experience with us.

Mrs. B wanted to bring out her sexy and feminine side and knew that a boudoir session was the perfect way to do so. B found us through simple google search and called to set up an appointment. Talking to Catherine, she knew immediately that this is where she wanted to get her boudoir photos done!

Although she was nervous that she would feel silly and would look sexy at all. Most of all she was apprehensive to take her clothes off in front of total strangers.

From the moment she walked into the studio she knew so was in good hands. After Mrs. B got her hair and makeup done, she was already starting to feel sexy.Throughout the entire shoot she felt beautiful sexy, and "sensual".

Although she was slightly stressed about her wardrobe, Mrs. B was able to gain a new confidence about herself and how others viewed her. She told, "I got more than just photos, I got improved self-confidence and a belief that yes, I am a sexy and sensual woman!"

Words from Mrs. B

If you could give future clients or anyone on the fence about having a boudoir session with Catherine Kellie Studios words of encouragement, what would they be?

" I'd tell any woman to absolutely treat herself to the session with CK. She will feel sexy, empowered, and have more confidence just from going through this process. Short of good sex, there's nothing like a CK Boudoir photo shoot! :) "

Describe your experience in 3 words:

" Hmmmm... Let's go with EMPOWERING, CONFIDENCE BOOSTING, and above all else, FUN!!​ "

Describe Catherine Kellie Boudoir in 3 words:


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