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Kitten Spotlight: Andrea’s Freeing Boudoir Experience

(Andrea shares the story of her Boudoir Photoshoot)

When we asked Andrea if she’d be willing to share her experience with other amazing women she didn’t hesitate to say, “YES!” She wanted to share her story and let others know just how freeing a boudoir photo shoot can be! Here’s her story!

I couldn’t believe the day was here, the day I’d be getting my pictures taken. Not the traditional headshot or family photo, no, just photos of me with not much on. That’s right, I’m talking about boudoir photos. You know the ones with women in lingerie or even nude! Yeah, those types of photos, me, I was about to do this?!

I truly couldn’t believe it, but there I was walking up to the studio with my bags that contained my outfits, jewelry, shoes, and all that good stuff. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I wasn’t only nervous but I was scared about what others might think especially since I hold a position in the ministry. I didn’t want others to judge me or think any less of me for doing something like this. Something so outside my comfort zone. But, I walked in and am so glad that I did!

As soon as I walked in Cat and the ladies greeted me, showed me where to set my things down, asked if I wanted anything to drink, and started hanging up my clothes! We discussed what outfits I wanted to wear and with which sets. Just talking with them made me start relaxing some. The way they smiled, gathered information from me, and assured me that my feelings would change after we started shooting comforted me.

The stylist then started working on me which was a new experience for me as well. I’m not one to wear much makeup, hardly ever. So, just sitting there and having someone fuss at me had me a little anxious as well. However, I couldn’t believe that was me looking back in the mirror when she was done! She didn’t go overboard on the makeup, took my thoughts and concerns to heart and truly just brought out ME! This beautiful woman who never had the time for makeup now looked like she was ready to snap some photos!!! I couldn’t help but start to get excited and smiley!

Then, it was time. Time for me to head to the changing room to get my first outfit on. Again, the nerves started creeping in. I put on my first outfit and stepped out into the foyer and was greeted by, “Ooo so pretty” and, “You ready?” Am I ready…I thought to myself. Ready to open myself up and allow another woman to take sexy photos of me? I answered with a meek, “Yeah” as I was torn between feeling beautiful but having all these doubts and voices in my head about how the photos wouldn't turn out good, or what if I didn’t like them. I’m not that sexy so there’s no way this is going to turn out well.

So, we went upstairs. Cat was great at instructing me on what to do with my body. She told me exactly what to move where, when to bend, part my lips, or tilting of my head. I couldn’t believe the little things you don’t think about that go into a photo! After Cat snapped the first few photos I started relaxing a little. We had the music going, Cat instructing and demonstrating the poses, while I started feeling the vibe!

Then, some magic happened…Cat showed me a photo of a gorgeous lady from the back of her camera. That lady was ME!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, that couldn’t be me, could it? I looked incredible! I had a seductive, yet cute, and strong essence showing and I didn’t recognize that person. I am a mom, not a supermodel. I work hard and try to help others whenever I’m able. I’m not someone that turns heads. But, this lady, in this photo, was a head-turner! And, I couldn’t believe it was me!!!

How can this be me, when I never feel like this? Well, after she assured me it was me and we continued through our session I opened up. I let myself go and had so much fun! We photographed all my outfits and did many different poses all while I embraced the experience and let my confidence meter hit full! When it was time to put on my normal clothes and get ready to depart the studio, it was hard. I enjoyed myself so much and was on such a high! I felt incredible like I could conquer the world!!! I said my goodbyes and told Cat how I couldn’t wait to see my photos in a couple of weeks.

The weeks went by and I continued to feel on top of the world! I walked around with so much more confidence, and reminded myself that I was beautiful and enough! As a mother to two beautiful daughters, I know how much we fight to accept ourselves in a society where women of all ages are judged by others and ourselves. I no longer wanted the voices in my head to win, I was going to work on singing myself praises instead of allowing negative thoughts (that were typically wrong in the first place) to take up space in my head.

I walked into my image debut excited and ready to see my images. Even though I felt so much better about myself and saw a couple of photos from the back of the camera I was still a little nervous about seeing them all. Cat started the slideshow and I was in AWE!!! There I was! I was stunning! I was downright beautiful and I couldn’t believe that this lady I was seeing was me! I could see her now, myself, and was taken aback by how that was me and how I couldn’t believe I’d never truly seen her before! I loved my photos so much but more importantly, I love how this experience has helped me get to know myself. It has opened my eyes to just how much we all need to embrace ourselves, even the parts that we don’t think people will understand. I feel so free now. There is only one YOU and that is a beautiful thing!

Oh, and a little piece of advice, just do the shoot! Stop waiting and listen to them when they say to have a light snack and hydrate before your session. It is work but so incredibly worth it! Nothing can compare to the amount of confidence, acceptance, and release I now feel as a woman, but most importantly, as myself!

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