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Miss N's Boudoir Session

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Describe yourself in 3 words.


Write about yourself.

I am divorced and was soul crushed (to best describe). I have a phenomenal relationship with my family and they built my confidence back up. I met a fantastic group of friends and as time passed met a great guy. This was my way to build up my self-esteem. Fantastic experience with the professional and welcoming staff!

Before your shoot -

Before the shoot, I was really scared and thought I was crazy to do this! I did plan very well and I would not change a thing! I gave myself the entire day prior to the shoot to get myself organized!

What were your feelings and emotions on the day of your shoot?

Scared before! After, very happy and excited to be able to do this photoshoot.

You will come in to see your images soon!!! What are your thoughts? I feel pretty confident in the way the photographer worked with me and took the time to relay the types of pics I wanted to convey.

Have you been thinking about what you will do with your images?

The photos I am ordering are a surprise for my special guy! I know what I am getting and excited about it. I am gonna get one photo for myself too!

What do you feel other women need to know?

If you can do it, it’s a real confidence booster!!!!!!

Ready to book your session? Contact us today at and at (248).747.7236

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