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Seeking 8 4 Adventurous Kittens for a photo shoot trip of a lifetime!


We're your biggest cheerleaders on this incredible journey to uncover the radiant being within you! This isn't just about photos, beautiful, we will be whisking you away on a whirlwind of self-love, laughter, and unimaginable transformations. Ready to dive into this exciting and empowering adventure? We thought so, and we're thrilled you're here! Let's unveil that dazzling alter ego of yours, together! 💖📸🌴

Greece Retreat 2025.png

Our next trip will be in...

Greece Banner.jpg


August 9 - 16, 2025

The Alter Ego Adventuress Tribe is a group of like-minded, kind, passionate women who travel and create content together on photo expeditions all over the world. Next stop-Greece!

Previous photo adventures have taken us to Mexico, and Puerto Rico, next stop is Greece!

Retreat Ft Img 1.jpg

7 Nights Stay Included

August 9 - 16, 2025

Ready to bask in the sun with us while overlooking crystal clear water in one of the most beautiful places on earth?

That's right, we are talking about... GREECE!!! In 2025, we'll be visiting one of the stunning islands in Greece, and we want YOU to join us!

Greece Retreat 2025.png
greece retreat2025.jpg

3+ Dedicated Photo Sessions

AND a Behind-The-Scenes Video + even more.

It doesn't get much nicer than the beautiful water of GREECE. Just imagine what your images will look like. 

Honestly, if you were to hire me for one day, a photoshoot like this would be priced over $8000. 

Not only will we be creating breathtaking boudoir photographs that showcase your radiant, inner glow, but you'll also be connecting with other inspiring women on a similar journey to self-love and confidence. During our retreat, we'll be sharing stories, laughter, and insights, because let's face it, girl, who knows what kind of divine inspiration can emerge from a cluster of radiant women! 

With the awe-inspiring beauty of Greece as our backdrop, this retreat might just be the transformative experience that bridges the gap from where you are today, to where you've always dreamed of being tomorrow. So, ready for a journey of a lifetime that uncovers your unique power and beauty? Trust us, it's a revelation! Your dazzling alter ego awaits! 💖📷

Greece Retreat 2025.png
greece retreat2025 q.jpg
All Kittens Will enjoy.png

↠ 7 Nights Lodging (possible mix of hotel/villa)

↠3 stylized shoots in gorgeous locations

↠ Beach | Sunset | Pool

↠ A shoot at a hand-picked location in Greece

↠ 2 makeup & hair applications (more natural make-up & hair - no glam included)

↠ A 40-60 second Behind-the-scenes Vertical Video

↠ A gorgeous 8x8 Classic Album with 35 images

↠ An excursion day!!! Trust me, we will pick something really cool!

↠ A dinner at a handpicked restaurant & night on the town

↠ Most other meals included

↠ This is an Adventure Trip, please know that there is a possibility that you will have to share a queen bed or sleep on a sofa bed (we’ll be drawing for bed spots, midweek we can draw again and change it up)

↠ Light Yoga and meditation

↠ Women supporting women: take photos of each other as well!

↠ Create relationships that last forever!

Have FUN and ADVENTURE with like-minded new friends!

Only $6,450 $5897!!!
whether paid in full OR
$327.61 for 18 months!!!

greece retreat2025 w.jpg


Greece, with its stunning sunsets and legendary landscapes, isn't just a trip - it's a rendezvous with your astounding Alter Ego, providing a lavish backdrop for our boudoir retreat where your inner goddess can unfurl her wings and exude her awe-inspiring allure! 🇬🇷📷✨

greece retreat2025 d.jpg

I can only imagine how dreamy this town must be, and let me tell you, gorgeous - I am so excited for the day when I can whisk my fabulous kittens away to this Greek wonderland for some absolutely magical photo moments!

greece retreat2025 c.jpg

AND it has crystal clear waters and beaches that will blow your mind.

greece retreat2025 a.jpg


DAY 1 
Welcome Festivities!
4pm Check into our home for the week
6:30pm Gather for Dinner
8:00pm Enjoy the Sunset

Relaxing Beach Morning
1pm Makeup for kittens
4pm Photoshoots around the house

9am Breakfast
2pm Pack up and head out to the villa
Relaxing evening off

greece retreat2025 x.jpg

8am Professional Makeup for Kittens
10am Photoshoots all-day
Dinner at a nice restaurant

All Day exploration!

Excursion day!!!
1st half casual photoshoots
2nd half party time

Good bye Breakfast
10am Check out and shuttle to Airport

This is an early sample Itinerary, as we get closer to the date a more accurate timeline will be available

greece retreat2025 z.jpg

Did you know the power behind these fantastic trips? It's all down to the amazing Cat and her kick-ass team.🎉

It's none other than the fabulous Cat and her incredibly talented team!  That's right, the woman who dresses in confidence and radiates self-love, every single day.


Cat, a beacon of empowerment, isn't just a name on a business door. As the visionary founder and owner of Alter Ego Boudoir in the vibrant heart of Michigan, she made it her life's mission to help every woman, (yes, my diva, that means you) experience the transformative power of a riveting boudoir photoshoot. You see, it's not just about the photographs, oh no! For Cat, it's about unlocking that hidden power inside you, helping you embrace the fierce, fabulous woman you truly are!

Greece Retreat 2025.png
greece retreat2025 cat.jpg

Think of it as a journey, you, Cat, and her phenomenal team are venturing together through the journey of self-discovery. And at the final stop? A wonderfully confident woman who's ready to take on the world – one stunning photo at a time! Ready to strap on your stilettos and join us, beautiful? Our adventure awaits! 🥂🎀

Greece Retreat 2025.png

Ever wonder why we love to call our radiant ladies

Greece Retreat 2025 (1).png

Well, that's because we believe every woman who steps through our doors is so much more than just a pretty face for the camera. 📷✨

You see, "Kittens" brings into play an endearing sense of camaraderie among us all. It's a term of affection that helps create a warm, tight-knit circle of incredible women who are embracing their journey towards self-love together, right here at our amazing boudoir photo retreats.

Using "Kittens" helps us radiate that playfulness and inclusivity we all adore and treasure at Alter Ego Boudoir. It's a shout-out to all those wonderful everyday women out there, highlighting that this isn't just your traditional photoshoot, it's a transformative roller-coaster ride towards self-discovery and empowerment! 🙌💪

Yes! It's all about YOU stepping into the spotlight and allowing your unique beauty to shimmer and shine. ⭐✨

But hey, don't just take my word for it. Feel free to get in touch with us at Alter Ego Boudoir if you're curious to know more about why we love our adoring "Kittens"! 💌💋

So, ready to unleash the 'kitten' in you? It's purr-fectly empowering! 🐱💖




"Making the decision to Have Catherine and her team at Alter Ego shoot my first Boudoir photoshoot, was the best decision ever, I left her feeling magical, feeling myself like I haven’t in a long time, I will be back for more. Her energy as a photographer and woman alone was a magical experience, I love her vibe and the way she made me so comfortable. I will only go to her."
- Jennifer L.
"I wanted a way to document my breast cancer journey and feel better about myself. Upon arriving for my photoshoot, my hair and make up were professionally done and then the shooting began. Cat made me feel instantly comfortable and beautiful. The best part was coming into view and select my photographs. I was thrilled with the results. The pictures made me feel confident, pretty and sexy. I am so glad I chose to make this investment in myself."
-Susan K.
"I’ve worked with Cat thru several stages of life (bride, newmom, newlook, etc.). I have had them taken as gifts to my husband, but my favorite is when it’s a gift for myself. I don’t care if you never post/display/share your pics and keep them hidden in your night stand. EVERY time you look at them it will remind you of how brave, strong, and beautiful you are! It is a life changing experience-and you get souvenirs!"
-Katie G.
greece retreat2025 tf.jpg

After payment, we will add you to our Facebook Group where you can meet the girls going, connect with them, start planning together, share your overall excitement, flight info, and wardrobe info, and get excited about having the time of your life! 


If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, shoot us an email, or let's hop on a quick call -, 2487477236.

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