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Welcome to a world where the lens loves you as much as you deserve. Here at Alter Ego Boudoir Photography, we believe every woman has a glowing alter ego waiting to be unveiled...or maybe you've worn her all along, and she just needs a bit of spotlight, don't you agree?

Through our lens, we make sure you see the remarkable woman in the mirror that the world sees.

Who are you?

Pre-wedding boudoir shoots to surprise partner or to boost self-confidence before the big day.

Celebrating love and intimacy in a tasteful and artistic manner.

Maternity boudoir shoots to capture the beauty and femininity of pregnancy.

Milestone Celebrations.
Achieving personal goals.
celebrating life, vitality, and the triumph over illness.
Body positivity, self-love, and confidence in all body types.

Celebrating diverse sexual orientations, capturing love, intimacy, and confidence in a safe and empowering environment.

Oops! Our lens loves fierce femininity. Gentlemen, this boudoir stage is set for fabulous women only. Let us help you find a spot that celebrates your masculinity in style. Shine on!

45169 Vandyke Ave. Utica, MI 48317

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