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Cheers to 2021!

I’m so excited and ready to say, “hello” to a new year! 2021 I am so ready for you! I understand that the beginning of you will continue to be difficult and uncertain however, I am ready to see what you bring us. I am hopeful that you will turn out to be just the reward we all deserve and need after the year 2020 treated us. I am so glad you are here.

We should all be excited to see what this year will offer up to us. Hopefully, the virus will slow and gradually we will get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle again. It may take a while but at least we have 2020 under our belt so that we are a little better at managing the chaos.

A new year always brings out resolutions, joy, excitement, and hope. However, it can also bring with it some scares. Depression hits people hard at the start of the year. This can because they feel like they haven’t accomplished anything the previous year, or that they are still in the same place financially, relationship-wise, or even career-wise. So, let's be sure to check in on our loved ones and make sure they are doing okay.

We should also continue to try to keep that momentum and excitement we have for this new year going forward. Remind ourselves that everything that is happening right now will eventually end. Let's try to come up with ways we can make this year better than the last. How can we help someone? How can we further our education or career? How can we relax and be happier? What can we do to make life easier for ourselves and our families? These are things we could be asking ourselves in order to see where we could improve and try to make this year GREAT!

Let’s take all of what 2020 has thrown our way and learn from it. We can take notes on what we were taught and put actions to those things so that we continue to grow into better versions of ourselves. We can do it! Continue to cherish the gifts that we gained from last year and try to hold on to those reminders that life is good. Life isn’t as bad as it could be. Let’s keep trudging forward into this new year and envision how great it will and can be!

Nothing in life comes easy and this includes our happiness. A new year isn’t going to magically change things either. We have to work at ourselves while also being grateful for what we have. We can be excited and ready for this fresh start but we also can’t expect that to automatically flip a switch to our lives being better. So go out there and bring light to others and onto yourself! You got this! We can do this, together!

*Please feel free to reach out via email at or by phone at (248) 747-7236 if you have any questions or are ready to book your shoot with us! We look forward to working with you this year!

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