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Stunning hand-crafted, layflat Albums with thick satin pages & Luxury Cover Options

Embossed Cover - $199
Gilding - $199
Luxury Silk Pages - $199
All three - $499
Acrylic Cover - $299

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Whether you already know that you're a queen and want to showcase your gorgeous photos all over the house, you already have a spot in your bedroom in mind that’s perfect for a tasteful yet sexy print, or you’re thinking, "Hell no! I can't have these types of photos visible for everyone to see!"...

Getting wall art of your gorgeous images is a crazy powerful way to tap into the brave, desirable, worthy, fearless alter ego inside of you on a regular basis. (And don’t worry – along with the red-hot-sexy ones, you’ll also get some artistic, beautiful images that are a little more appropriate for public consumption!) 
Here are our wall art options (3XL, XXL, XL, Large, Medium, Small):


An elegant, modern, upscale option to class up your walls. Choose between a vivid or metallic finish. Comes ready to hang!


Our most popular wall art option! Your gorgeous photos will be printed directly onto aluminum for a show-stopping contemporary decor piece that’s ready to hang. Choose between a glossy or matte finish.

Mounted Print

Because our photos deserve nothing less than the very best finished prints in the industry! Your prints will be beautifully color-matched on the world’s finest photographic paper, then mounted onto an artboard and ready to frame.



Add on a special keepsake (or two, or five) to give as gifts, display on a shelf, or simply keep as an everyday reminder of your powerful alter ego.


These are perfect for desktop displays, a tabletop gift and more! Folios are designed to be a high-quality, customizable way to present and display small number of your images in amazing style. They come in sizes of 8x10 and 5x7.


Your image will be printed on a thick piece of acrylic. This is perfect to display on any desk, shelf, or vanity. 


Cute as a button little photo viewer. It's like having your own little peep show.


These are the perfect add-on to your album purchase and hold between seven and eight images that you can choose from your collection.

They are the perfect size to fit in a purse, gym bag, travel suitcase, desk drawer, etc. The images do not have to be the same on both. So you can keep one for yourself and give one to your partner. Gift them both to your partner, or, just keep them both for yourself.


12-month wall calendar. 12-month desk calendar. The desk calendar can also be ordered without the dates so it's just photos.


Footballs, hockkey pucks, baseballs, golf balls, basketballs (not pictured), and more. 



Digital Art


With the included print release, you will have all purchased images forever and can print your files however you wish.





Stunning hand-crafted, layflat Albums with thick satin pages & Luxury Cover Options!

- 45 high-res digital images
- One Custom Classic Album, with 1 album upgrade, up to 10x10
- Choose from a Smartphone app of all album images OR an additional $750 in wall art credit
- $1250 in Print Credit
- 30% off any additional purchases
- Additional images at $100 each

- Add BW Conversions for $349


For the economical kitten who’s content with having a couple of goodies and doesn't need anything more! 

- 30 Images
- 8x8 or 6x9 Classic Album
- Smartphone app, album Images
- $750 in Print Credit
- Add Collection's HiRes Digitals for $349
- Additional images at $125 each


For the sweet kitten who’s really just looking for a pretty album with her favorite photos!

- 18 Images
- 6x6 Black Classic Album
- 15% off Wall Art and/or Keepsakes
- Additional images at $150 each

-Add Smart Phone App for $700

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