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Michigan's ULTIMATE Boudoir Experience

Investing in yourself is always worth it. And when you book a boudoir photoshoot, you’re not just investing in beautiful custom images you’ll cherish for years to come, you’re investing in an act of radical self-care – one that can help you heal self-worth issues, give you a major self-confidence boost, and redefine yourself in a new way.

Get ready for a new, powerful part of yourself to emerge.

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Choose Your Boudoir Experience

Book your session now, decide which photo products to purchase after seeing your gorgeous images.

The Icon Experience

Icons only. Curated for women who want to explore every last side of their alter egos, with up to three looks, 5 hours of studio time, and your very own professional hair and makeup artist there to help you look your best the entire time.



  • Premium Hair & Makeup Service, with unlimited retouches throughout your shoot

  • Pre-Shoot Wardrobe consult and session planning

  • Complimentary Styling Package, We get your sizes and preferences and go shopping - pay for what you keep, and we take care of any necessary returns for the items you decide against

  • 4-5 Hour Session, time enough for up to 5 outfit changes, Plan to be in the studio for up to 6 hours,

  • The Owner and Founder of Alter Ego Boudoir, Catherine Kellie, will personally be the artist for your photoshoot!

  • Up to 2 Premium Sets (including our Clawfoot Tub at no additional charge)!

  • Access to Our:

    • Fab Closet of Lingerie Apparel, plan a pre-shoot consult at least a week before your session in order to try on what we have and see if any of it works for you.

    • Studio Shoe Collection, INCLUDES Red Bottom Shoes

    • Our Bondage Collection

  • Free Professional Styling (just pay for the clothes you choose to use & keep)!

  • Expert coaching and styling throughout your entire photoshoot

  • Full Retouching and Signature editing

  • Image debut and ordering session scheduled 2-3 weeks after your shoot (Images, albums, and other photo products are purchased separately at this appointment.)

*View our Set Options HERE!

The Dream Session

This boudoir session is what dreams are made of. With up to three looks, 4 hours of studio time, and professional hair & makeup styling, it’s our most popular session for good reasons!



  • Complimentary Hair & Makeup Styling

  • Pre-Shoot Wardrobe consult, upon request

  • 2-3 Hour Session, time for 3 outfits (plan to be in the studio 3.5-4 hours),  with one of our Amazing Associate Photographers

  • One Premium Set Option

  • Access to Our:

    • Fab Closet of Lingerie Apparel (plan a pre-shoot consult at least a week before your session in order to try on what we have and see if any of it works for you.)

    • Studio Shoe Collection excludes Red Bottom Shoes

    • Bondage Collection

  • Expert Coaching and posing directions throughout the session

  • Full Retouching & Signature Editing

  • Image Debut & Ordering Session, scheduled 2-3 weeks after your shoot. (Images, albums, and other photo products are purchased separately at this appointment.)

*View our Set Options HERE!

The Quickie

Fast can still be good, right? Ideal for women on a time crunch with a clear vision of the photos they want, this session includes up to two looks, one hour of studio time, and a same-day image debut so you can get your photos ordered right away.



  • Wardrobe consult upon arrival

  • 1 Hour Session (time for 1-2 outfits) with one of our Amazing Associate Photographers

  • Expert Coaching & Pose Direction throughout Session

  • Same Day Ordering

  • you will view unedited images and place your order the same day)

  • Professional image retouching & editing of all purchased images

  • Available Tuesdays and Wednesdays only

(Quick and Efficient!)


We’re all about investing in yourself – but you deserve to do that at your own pace! We offer convenient, customizable payment options for both session fees and photo products. If you go with a payment plan, you’ll receive your photo products once your order is paid in full.


We’re confident you’re gonna LOVE what you see in your boudoir photos, but still, maybe there’s that small part of you that isn’t sure how they’re gonna turn out. That’s why we give you the chance to choose which photos and which products you want AFTER your photoshoot!

Photo products like albums, prints, wall art, and digital files are separate from session fees and will be available for purchase at your image debut session. A la carte options are available starting at $899 and Products start at $899. Clients typically spend an average of $2,999 to $4,999 on photo products. 

For a full pricing sheet of all available photo products and packages, CLICK HERE!


We recommend booking your session months in advance – our calendar fills up fast, especially when it comes to weekends and evenings! 

If you need your order back by a specific date, be sure to schedule your session at least 6 weeks in advance.


We offer boudoir shoots on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

To book and schedule your session, click here.

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