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An unforgettable wedding day gift for your lucky partner

What is Boudoir Photography?


Boudoir photography is a type of portrait session that allows you to embrace your sexy, empowered side… whether that’s something you’re already plenty comfortable with or a part of you you’d like to discover. 


Boudoir portraits exude sensuality, intimacy, and beauty, making them a breathtaking gift to your partner on your wedding day… but they’re also an act of radical self-care, one that can help you heal self-worth issues, give you a major self-confidence boost, and redefine yourself in a new way.


Is bridal boudoir photography for me?


That’s a YES! Boudoir photography is for every woman – and here at Alter Ego Boudoir Photography, we have a soft spot for brides.

Your wedding day is supposed to be a happy one, but the months leading up to it can be seriously stressful. Picking out a wedding dress when all the ads are tiny skinny girls… trying to make sure every last detail is perfect… dieting, exercising, pinching, squeezing…  Your partner loves you inside and out, but maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the expectations, the “ideal” beauty standards, the sample sizes.


But you’re safe here. You’re loved unconditionally. All women and all bodies belong here, no matter what.


You are beautiful. And a bridal boudoir session can help you see that, celebrate that, capture that… and take that self-lovin’ energy with you out the door, all the way to the altar and beyond. 

Alter Ego Boudoir - Bridal Image

Why bridal boudoir photography?


Your wedding day should be all about you and your partner… but then again, it also involves plenty of other people. Between photo ops, receptions, receiving lines, and massive dance parties, there’s a lot of commotion that just isn’t centered on the special, intimate connection you and your partner share.


Boudoir photography takes the focus back to your relationship. (And, hello, to you, the gorgeous bride!) 


Here are a few other reasons boudoir sessions are great for brides…

  • It celebrates you

  • It gives you a major confidence boost

  • It’s an excuse to go lingerie shopping

  • It makes a great gift for your partner

  • It helps you get more comfortable in front of the camera before the big day

You deserve to feel beautiful, confident, and unstoppable on your wedding day – doing a bridal boudoir photoshoot will help you channel that energy and help you realize just how worth it you are.



Your partner loves you the way you are today. These photos will help you capture not only your amazing body that deserves love, but also the beginning of your relationship and the reason you decided to walk down the aisle in the first place.

Plus… I mean, just imagine the look on their face, receiving this unexpected, daring, seeeexy gift from you. Your wedding night’s gonna be 🌶️🔥


Alter Ego Boudoir - Facebook Review
Alter Ego Boudoir - Facebook Review
Alter Ego Boudoir - Facebook Review
Alter Ego Boudoir - Facebook Review
Alter Ego Boudoir - Facebook Review
Alter Ego Boudoir - Facebook Review
Alter Ego Boudoir - Facebook Review

Squeeze some “me” time in the midst of wedding planning!


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