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5 Boudoir Outfit Ideas You Probably Already Own...

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

When booking a boudoir session it is so tempting to run out to Victoria Secreteand go on a shopping spree. But let's be real, why break the bank when you have your entire session's wardrobe already in your closet. Don't believe it? Take a look at some of these simple, yet beautiful, boudoir wardrobe ideas.

15BCD03 - Hollie-19.jpg

1.) A Button Up Shirt

Who doesn't have a button up shirt? Whether it is a classic work button up or a fashionable sheer button up they both can be paired with a simple bra and panties set to create a sweet and casual look. And if you don't own one you can always borrow one from your sweetie to give your photos a more personal touch.

15HS03 - Amber-86.jpg

2.) Black Bra & Panties

Black bra and panty sets are and everyday essential. So for most of us we already own a favorite set that we wear under our everyday outfits. There is something about black bras and panties that make us feel super sensual. They are an awesome option for your boudoir session wardrobe and oh so sexy.

15BCD03 - Brittnay -83.jpg

3.) Tank Tops

Tanks are so great for layering under everyday clothing. A cute cotton tank with a matching pair of panties is a great look for a session. Tanks are perfect for ladies who want that soft, natural girl next door look.


4.) A sheet

Wrapping up in a sheet is probably the sexiest wardrobe piece that you could bring to a session. The look of the being wrapped in a sheet gives a cozy and suggestive feel. It’s a piece you don’t even have to think about, but it is one that you will love the most!

Lingerie Model

5.) Shapewear

Yes! Shape wear! Shapewear is a girl’s best friend. Believe it or not shapewear is very beautiful is boudoir photos. Not only does it accentuate your curves and smooth you out, but it also gives a vintage feel to the photos.

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