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Ms. B's Boudoir Session

Updated: 21 hours ago

In a single frame, Alter Ego Boudoir Photography captures a bride-to-be in various poses, including wearing white lingerie with a veil, lying on a bed in pink lingerie and high heels, posing in a crawl position with a silk bridal dress, and leaning against a wall in a sexy pose.

Finding the right gift for your groom can be very difficult. What do you get a groom that will be something that he will remember FOREVER? This bride decided to do a sexy boudoir session for her soon to be hubby! She did a traditional bridal look, that will take his breath away! She also brought one of his favorite sports team jerseys with some really cute heels. Her shoe collection was to die for! Her shoot went great! He is going to be one happy groom!

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