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Mrs. E's Boudoir Session

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Mrs. E. Was heard about a contest we were having through a friend. She was very curious about a boudoir session. So, she entered to the contest and WON! Her anniversary was coming up and she wanted to do something special for it. She thought what better way to celebrate their anniversary than with some sexy boudoir photos.

When booking her session she Mrs. E. didn't know what to expect or how self conscious she would fell. When she came into the studio she was happy to know that it was just herself and Catherine. She really appreciated the intimacy of the studio. Mrs. E was very comfortable with Catherine and felt at ease.

She was slightly concerned about how her body was going to looking in the photo, but at the end of her session none of that really matter. Mrs. E. realized that she is a sexy and beautiful women, she just needed some help coaxing it out!

Words of Encouragement from Mrs. E

If you could give future clients or anyone on the fence about having a boudoir session with Catherine Kellie Studios, what would it be?

Do it for yourself!

Describe your experience in 3 words.

Intimidating, Empowering, Fun

Describe Catherine Kellie Boudoir in 3 words.

Skilled, Professional, Masterful

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