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What happens when someone comes to take my photo?

Updated: 6 days ago

Recently I hired a local photographer to come photograph me. Typically, I would take my own photos, but I really wanted to be "off" work and only be a client for the day. I had seen a post by Sarah around the same time that made me want to reach out. Three years ago, I had hired Sarah as a photographer for the studio. She helped with family photos. So I already knew Sarah does good work. Sarah likes "the golden hour" to shoot in, and with my crazy schedule we could only find time in the morning golden hour time - 7am!

It was a great day and I had such a fun time! I patiently waited for the final images to be done (man it's rough!) and when they arrived I was a bit nervous. It's funny, because I know how my clients feel (and I wasn't even in lingerie!) I just LOVED all of the photos! Sarah did a fabulous job and I couldn't be happier!

We even played around with one of the old cameras I have here in the studio. It's funny because I didn't realize I had a pen in my hand! lol

Posing was tough! I have to admit that I do like the "pose me from head to toe" approach I have with my clients lol It's not easy knowing what to do and not do. This one is one of my FAVS (although they are really all so good, it's hard to pick!)

And then there is this....


Photos by Sarah Faith Merritt


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