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April Brand Ambassador - Kathy

What is your name?

Kathy Wright

Are you single, married, have kids, don't have kids, or pets?

I have a boyfriend, mother of 4, grandmother of 3, and 1 on the way. No furbabies.......yet lol

What is your job? Do you love it or loathe it? Why?

I work in a factory building the new keep gladiator (keep truck)!

What is your favorite color(s)?

Yellow, pink, grey, black, and creamy whites

What is your favorite season, and why? Please let us know what we can find you doing during these months.

Love summer! Sun worshiper over here. I think I was a beach bum in my previous life.

What thing(s) do you do to calm yourself or get you back to being grounded?

I love the ocean, watching it and listening to it, I feel it brings me clarity! Alone time, reading, and just focusing on myself for a bit.

Are you more shy or outgoing?

Shy at first but once I’m comfortable I’m good!

On your day(s) off what can we find you doing?

Relaxing mostly or hanging out with friends or family. Shopping when I have the extra money to spoil myself.

Are you a salty or sweet treat lady?

Sweet treats but salty sometimes.

What is your favorite holiday, and why?

Christmas! The whole atmosphere of it when you go to places. The decor, the feel, family gatherings, the food. Watching the happiness on my kid's faces when they open something they wanted.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

Italy and Greece. I wanna do that all in one trip. 2-week vacation!

What are your fears?

Heights mostly. Jewelry/chains

If you could give advice to fellow ladies, what would it be?

Be yourself, if people are truly your friends, they accept all of you, the good and the bad.

What is your goal(s) in life? Why are those currently your goal(s)?

To be financially independent with no worries. (I’m sure we all have that goal) To be a mom that my kids look up to and can say their mom did the best she could for us. To be my own boss someday. I wanna live by my own rules and not have a boss.

What has been the hardest lesson to learn so far in your life?

How to stay afloat.

How would your family and friends describe you?

Friendly, kinda all over the place(Gemini)! Easy to talk to but apparently I’m intimidating, can’t figure out why, but I’ve been told that numerous times. I think it’s because I’m quiet around new people at first.

Who in your life do you look up to the most? Why?

My mom. She’s the strongest, nicest, and most caring person I know.

What makes you unique?

I feel like I stand out. I have a lot of Indian in me but it’s not your average Indian. I’m from the lumbee tribe and we aren’t 100% accepted by the American Indians. They acknowledge us but we don’t receive the benefits. We are a multi racial tribe we have Indian, white and black in our blood line. Therefore I’m asked very often if I am mixed with black, Mexican, puertorican etc.

What do you love about doing boudoir photoshoots?

What don’t I love about it! All the things it makes me feel about myself! Beautiful, sexy, strong, supermodel like, invincible like no one can tear me down!

What made you decide to be a Brand Ambassador for Alter Ego Boudoir?

I’ve wanted this for 3 years. I love the way I look in these pictures and want everybody to see it and see how I see myself!

What are you looking forward to the most from becoming a Brand Ambassador?

The sisterhood I’m going to have with Cat and the other kittens! The feedback!

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