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Are you Worth It? | Boudoir Michigan

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

We all have that list of things we think are “worth paying for.” Some of these things are small, more creature comforts than anything. We buy the premium ice cream for a few bucks more because it’s a small indulgence.

We get older; we realize the value of good shoes. Or a car with better gas mileage.  We buy the cell phone that is almost as much as our first used car out of high school cost!

Setting values on things is something we do every day, often unconsciously. We pick up the generic pasta because the pricier stuff doesn’t taste any different to us.  We buy the cheap hand soap because when a two-year-old is washing their hands' dozens of times a day while potty training you don’t need the fancy stuff.

And as women, we do it to ourselves. We tell ourselves we’ll get new clothes when we lose weight. When the kids are done with (activity), we’ll do (that thing you’ve always wanted to try).

We’re continually placing a value on our worth based on the budget, the to-do list, what the kids need, what your partner needs. When that’s all done, you’ll get to yourself, right?

This gets to the heart of why I do boudoir photography.  I’m here to tell you that you are worth it, right now, as you are. You deserve to have photos of yourself that make you feel beautiful.

What would you pay for that feeling?

This feeling doesn’t need to wait until the kids are older, the dog is groomed, or the house is clean.

“Self-worth is recognizing ‘I am greater than all of those things.’ It is a deep knowing that I am of value, that I am loveable, necessary to this life, and of incomprehensible worth.” ~Dr. Christina Hibbert

When I get women behind my camera, I see them start to believe they are of incomprehensible worth. 

Boudoir sessions are about self-worth, empowerment, beauty, and celebration. The results are priceless.

Contact me and let’s talk about a session or call (248).747.7236 

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