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Boudoir Photography and an Attitude of Gratitude

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

November is a time for gratitude. From Veterans day at the top of the month to Thanksgiving at the end, the winding down of the year means that many of us are taking stock of what is important to us.

I’d like for us all to take some time to think about this powerful word; gratitude. Through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s so easy to lose sight of it. It’s so easy to forget when the kids are fighting, your partner is as exhausted as you, or if you are single-parenting. 

Gratefulness needs to be practiced, like yoga or piano, or anything else that expands our mind and our talents.

I’m grateful that in being a boudoir photographer, I’m exposed to gratefulness more often than most people are.  The women that are in front of my camera are often (at first) nervous, worried, fearful as well as excited and exhilarated.


Many are working toward being grateful for a body that they’ve not always been kind to, and haven’t always had kind thoughts towards (girl, same).

But over and over I hear that finding their empowerment through boudoir is a way to show themselves and their partners that they are grateful. They recognize the need to fight whatever demons they have and take the first step towards showing their body they are grateful for it.

They are, so, so brave.

And let’s not forget that not so long ago, boudoir photos like I create would have been considered scandalous. Pornographic. Deviant. So many brave women before us have stood up and fought for the right for us to be grateful for our bodies without shame.

I heard today that as late as 1982, women could not get a credit card, loan or bank account without a man’s signature.  Think about that…just under 40 years ago. That means that your mother, aunt, or grandmother was not deemed capable of the simple human liberty like having a bank account without their dad or their husband saying it was okay.

We are indeed fortunate, and we should indeed be very grateful for the women who have stood strong. From the first pioneers to the women today who serve, feeling empowered and grateful to be a woman is in part thanks to them.

For those of you who have done a boudoir session with me, you are part of this movement. Your willingness to appear in front of my lens, trusting me, and allowing yourself to be seen has empowered another woman. 

I am so, so very grateful. 

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