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Bridal Boudoir |The Perfect Gift For Your Partner | Michigan Boudoir

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A stunning bride-to-be embraces the boudoir wedding theme, adorned in a veil, pearl necklace, white lace lingerie, stockings, and a wedding garter on her right leg. She lies gracefully on a bed draped in white cloth, exuding elegance and anticipation.

Looking for the perfect wedding gift which will set a tone of romantic anticipation and be a treasured gift they will enjoy for years to come look no further! A bridal boudoir session is a great gift for your partner and sets a fun tone for the day when you present it on the morning of the wedding or brings back fond memories for an anniversary.

Perhaps the best part of this gift for your partner is that it is a gift to yourself, especially because our bridal boudoir sessions include professional hair and makeup. With all this wedding planning, when was the last time you took a moment to relax and allow someone else to pamper you? We put a pause on all that wedding chaos and work hard to create a comfortable, safe space where you can set aside your inhibitions and embrace your beauty.

A boudoir session is probably the best wedding gift because your partner gets inspired, sexy and meaningful photos of the person they love most in the world, and you get the empowering experience of a boudoir session

Classic white lingerie always looks great, or the corset worn under your wedding dress adds a little oomph. A good time to wear your something blue or bare it all just wrapped delicately in your veil with your wedding jewelry added.

How about you sneak that Detroit Pistons jersey out of their side of the closet, and we’ll add fantastic lighting and some messy tendrils and BAM: their favorite photo will be complete.

We can create a Michigan boudoir session that can light their fire no matter what season it is! Another sexy-casual spin is posing in a cute "wifey" t-shirt with just a hint of skin or a pair of daisy dukes, you can’t go wrong in an outfit that means something to them and makes you feel comfortable at the same time.

Finally, when it’s all said and done, the fun has only just begun because now you get to present the art we’ve created. Of course, we offer fine art canvas prints, bound books, and prints, but we love, love, love to do are Bridal Boudoir Reels. Remember the wonder of looking through that red Viewfinder when you were a kid and clicking your way from one 3D image to the next? Well, your boudoir is a retro throw-back of awesome sexiness when you present them with a custom Viewfinder for the wedding day or to keep in their bedside table.

Don’t wait to book!  We need about two months of lead time before the wedding to get the session done and the product back. Contact me for a free consultation and let’s talk about how we can customize your bridal boudoir or call (248).747.7236

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