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Celebrating Those Milestone Birthdays | Michigan Boudoir at 50, 60, or 70 Years Old

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

There’s something awe-inspiring when you start to bump up against those “big” birthdays. I think for most people it’s a sense of “ the heck did THAT happen?!” mixed with a lot of gratitude for the time on this earth, mixed with...I’ll just say it…. a bit of dread. I think it’s totally normal to feel all those feelings, and I for one am thrilled to see that in the past few years women have been working harder than ever to embrace who they are in each phase of their lives. The definition of “middle age” and even “old age” has shifted and the way we relate to age and how society perceives age has changed, oh so much for the better.

When clients come to me for a milestone boudoir session, they all have different reasons for wanting to do one. Maybe you’ll see a bit of yourself in one of these descriptions, or a few.

New Decade, New You

Ten years. Think about what can happen in the span of 10 years. You can birth a baby, and they will be headed into middle school. You’ve probably gone through a car or two. Maybe you’ve been through the sadness of close family members passing, and you’ve maybe had a breakup, or a new marriage, or both. Is it any wonder we are not the same people we were just ten years ago?  Being able to look back at what tested you these past few years and seeing how you came out the other side can be humbling. When you give yourself grace for what you have been through and can see yourself as resilient, strong and still sexy, it’s a fantastic feeling, and I see boudoir sessions do this for women time and time again.

Celebrating a Place of Peace

Sometimes the decade we have just been through has been unspeakably hard.  Even though you endure, having to pull yourself back from a life-altering event like a divorce, a betrayal, a death, or an illness is just really freaking HARD. When you do get to that other side, the landscape of your life seems so different, and it’s not unusual for women to feel a deep desire to want to celebrate the bittersweet feelings of starting over.  A boudoir can help you honor “past you” nurture “present you” and open your heart to what “future you” will be like.

You Still Got It

Sometimes a girl needs to put on a pair of sexy panties and have someone remind her that’s she’s still got it. Look, it’s OK to admit that!!  While the definition of “sexy” may change for you over the years, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be reminded that the inner goddess is still there. Maybe she’s a bit more understated now, maybe a bit more romantic, or maybe she’s still a little punk-rock…does not matter. What matters is that you take time to reconnect with your body to remind you that you are still YOU, just in a different age and tax bracket.

Milestone boudoir sessions are joyful celebrations of where you have been and what has brought you to this place right now. They help you honor what your body has carried you through and is a birthday gift to yourself that I hope you don’t skip.  For more information on the sessions, contact me!  

Ready to book your session? Contact us at and at (248).747.7236

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