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Couples Boudoir

Boudoir sessions aren’t just for women. They are great for couples as well! An experience like this with the love of your life will definitely be something you will never forget. And the images you will end up with will for sure be cherished forever. These types of images show the type of bond and love you have physically and emotionally as well.

Another great thing about couples boudoir sessions is they are great for all personalities!

Let’s assume that you and your significant other are more of the shy type when it comes to PDA. Maybe things get hot in the bedroom, but you would rather keep that part of your relationship private? The beauty of having images like these of yourselves is that you can step a little out of your comfort zone and yet still keep them private. No one other than the two of you has to ever see them or that side of you. It would be like your best kept secret! After all, the only other person that will see them or that side of you is your trusted photographer. We understand that what happens in the studio, stays in the studio! Unless you choose otherwise of course.

Also, this is great for women who are too intimidated to do a boudoir session. Some women simply are not comfortable letting themselves be vulnerable with their bodies in front of a complete stranger. And that is totally understandable! So having your partner with you during the process would help ease those insecurities and help you let down your guard more. The same thing as moral support basically. Who knows? Maybe this will ease you into boudoir sessions and give you the confidence to do one solo again in the future. Once you see that the experience isn’t so bad after all while having your partner there to help ease your fears, you would feel a lot more confident doing it again in the future.

Now let’s assume that you are a very outgoing couple who is not afraid of PDA and letting everyone see the physical attraction you have with one another. This is PERFECT for couples like you! You will be comfortable in front of the camera and are guaranteed to have a good time doing what you do best, giving your partner physical love and affection. And the best part is that you will have images to enjoy and document the whole experience for years to come.

Lastly, almost all relationships go through waves occasionally where their sex life just isn’t what it used to be. Whether it be working different schedules or just long hours in general, kids to take care of and take back and forth to soccer games, etc., or just simply the fact that the spark has seemed to fizzle in the bedroom. A couples boudoir session could just be the key to light that spark back up! It will allow you to take some time to do something for yourselves as a couple to remind you of that physical bond and attraction you once had. The experience is so unique and fun that you are sure not to regret it. And it could benefit your sex life so much!

Whether you just want to add that extra spark back in the bedroom, or just want to have a little fun while every moment of it is frozen in time by that camera, a couples boudoir session may be just what you need. Not only that, it will allow you to physically see the bond that you share from another point of view. You know what it FEELS like being with your partner and interacting with physical affection. But it is a really awesome thing to be able to SEE the bond through images. It will make you realize just damn hot you are as a couple!

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