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Divorced, Teacher gets a new lease on life!

I'd like to tell you the story of Susie. Susie booked a photoshoot with our studio soon after she went through her divorce. She was a mom (of two beautiful girls), worked in education, and really was feeling pretty down. As many of us women do, she had gotten comfortable in her relationship and had put on a few pounds over the years. She needed something to help her love herself again. She had heard about boudoir and followed me for a bit, then decided to take the leap! At first, she wanted to take advantage of a sale that gave a discount when you pre-signed a photo release. With her being a teacher, she wasn't able to do that. There are a few professions that will fire someone if they're seen in a boudoir fashion online, the education field is one of them! We definitely take privacy seriously around here! (If you're wondering why and how we can share this, keep reading!)

So, she booked a Dream Shoot and we started planning for her big day! When she arrived, I just remember how kind and beautiful she was. She would probably say that she was both excited and nervous! She had come in a month before her photoshoot to do a wardrobe consult. This was super helpful with calming her nerves the day of her shoot so that she felt well prepared. She had fresh pink hair and brought the most beautiful purple robe she had picked up just for this shoot. After getting her unpacked and into her robe, it was time for her to relax in the hair and makeup chair.

During the process of having her hair and makeup applied, she was getting more excited! She started to relax a bit and was so easy to talk to. We couldn't get over just how cute and sweet she was. She'd tell you that she wasn't sure how this experience would go but how much she was looking forward to doing something that made her step out of her normal everyday life and see what came out of it! She was hoping to find a little peace waiting for her at the end.

Once her stylist was done with her and it was time for her to start getting into her outfits she was ready to get changed. She wasn't free from worries or nerves but the entire shoot process helped her find something within her that brought out a sparkle! A sparkle that was about to ignite our studio and her life!

During the shoot, you could see Susie's walls and nerves start to dissipate. Her personality was truly shining brighter and it was so beautiful to see her smile, laugh, and pose away! You could tell just how much she was enjoying herself and how much she needed this. There is something about seeing in real-time the concerns and self-doubts disappearing in a person's mind. It comes out in their mannerisms and in the captured photos during a shoot. So, seeing Susie releasing herself one photo at a time from all the trauma she had been going through was inspiring.

After her shoot, she was beaming from ear to ear and was thanking us for allowing a safe space for her to let herself go. She was happy and felt like a weight was lifted off of her shoulders. So, remember we told you that she was a teacher so needed her privacy...well she ended up leaving her job as a teacher, which wasn't an easy decision for her to make. She loved her job and the kids she worked with! She got joy from them and they from her! However, the universe was providing her with signs that it was time to pursue other things.

Once she left teaching she allowed us to share her images and her story. She absolutely loved her photos and experience so much that she even later became a Brand Ambassador for us! She talks about how much Alter Ego Boudoir helped her see her worth again and how empowering it is to be photographed in the raw!

There is nothing in the world like being able to be a part of opening someone's eyes to see their radiance and bring to light their true selves. Witnessing Susie's breakthrough and renewed lease on life was heartwarming and reaffirmed just how transformative and rejuvenating a boudoir experience is.

The journey one goes through in life is always unique, bumpy, painful, and yet oh-so-beautiful! Boudoir is more than just a photoshoot it is a self-exploration for you to reconnect with yourself and reignite your soul! Susie is a gorgeous example of that and we are so glad she walked into our lives! She deserves all the happiness in the world and we are so thrilled she chose to work with us and we were able to assist her in her journey of renewal!

Interested in booking your boudoir experience with us?

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