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How a Boudoir Session Can Show You that You are Enough | Michigan Boudoir

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

As women, we talk a lot about self-acceptance. We preach it to our kids; we spend time trying to lift other people up. But when it comes to showing ourselves the same grace, it’s not so easy, is it? Many of us have been programmed to only see flaws when we look in the mirror, and it’s not an easy habit to break. Even when we are in a loving and committed relationship, being told “you look great” sometimes falls flat for us.

That’s why I never take it for granted when I see a transformation in my studio when I do a boudoir session. I know how hard it can be to get beyond the lies the mirror has told you or the stuff that’s in your head that you’ve been quietly stowing in the overhead department like luggage you never wanted.

When I see my clients through the lens, I see beauty, and my job is to show them how beautiful they are through boudoir photography. I get to see, over and over again, the look on a woman’s face when she sees what I see. When I can show her the truth and see her marvel over herself for probably the first time in a long time it’s just a crazy, amazing, empowering experience for both of us. I know she’s enough, and I get to show her through my photography.

When you are able to accept yourself, to realize that the body that gets you through every single day, the one that hauls the kids and the laundry, you can make radical changes to how you see life. When fear, and doubt and that constant comparison to others are silenced, an amazing thing happens and without being overly dramatic, your entire outlook on what matters can change. As that old saying goes “You don’t sweat the small stuff”, and my dears, it’s ALL small stuff.

Your attitude and the gratitude you have towards your body can change without losing a single pound, without reducing or enhancing any body part just in one Boudoir Session. It’s time to get out there and live and embrace all of you “enoughness”. Are you ready? Because

my camera is waiting for you, and I’d love to show you what I see.

Contact us at and at (248).747.7236 to book your session today!

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