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How Can Pinterest Help You Prepare For Your Boudoir Session

Updated: Apr 16

Explore the world of boudoir photography with Alter Ego Boudoir Photography in Michigan, as depicted by a lady browsing boudoir pictures on Pinterest in the featured image.

Whether you are doing a solo boudoir photo session or a couples session, it can be difficult to prepare for your session beforehand to ensure that you get the results that you are looking for. Of course, communication with your photographer is key prior to the session, but Pinterest can be the key to helping you communicate what you are aiming for.

There are a plethora of boudoir images on Pinterest that could inspire you and help prepare for your session. Sure, you could bounce around a lot of different photography websites, but that can be time-consuming for one, and all photographers have their own style of shooting. With Pinterest, you can simply type in things like “boudoir wardrobe ideas, boudoir posing ideas, couples boudoir poses, boudoir accessory ideas” and you will instantly have PLENTY of images to just scroll through all in one spot. See something that fits your style, taste, or personality? Simply save the images or links and send them over to your photographer. This will give your photographer a general idea of what you are aiming for, as well as the type of poses you will be comfortable with.

Discover elegance and allure with Alter Ego Boudoir Photography in Michigan. In one frame, a lady dons a red silk one-piece lingerie and black high heels, leaning against the wall. Another image captures her captivating back pose as she leans against the window.

Most photographers try to stray from mimicking other photographers’ work down to every detail. But actually visually showing them examples is a great way for both of you to get on the same page. After all, this is YOUR session that you are investing in. You should be pleased with the overall experience and the finished images!

Does this mean that your photographer won’t suggest their own poses during the session? No. Most boudoir photographers have a great eye and may recognize potential poses that would help bring out your best assets through your poses. Are you required to do any poses that you aren’t comfortable with? Absolutely not! But it’s always nice to hear a professional's suggestions.

Experience the magic behind the lens with Alter Ego Boudoir Photography, Michigan. In this behind-the-scenes snapshot, Cat captures a lady adorned with a white angel wing, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the scene.

Lastly, Pinterest is great for preparing your wardrobe. One of the biggest questions I get asked pertains to wardrobe suggestions. Pinterest can give you lots of ideas for lingerie, heels, accessories (such as jewelry), and other ideas to help make the session more personal using perhaps your SO’s button-up shirt or favorite football team jersey.

If you feel you are having a hard time communicating exactly what you are looking for with this experience, or if you may even be unsure yourself because it is something new to you, Pinterest would be a great place to start! Click here to check Alter Ego Boudoir on Pinterest.

Capturing allure with Alter Ego Boudoir Photography, Michigan. A lady lies on a bed adorned in red lingerie, showcasing tattoos on her arms, exuding captivating allure.

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