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Kitten Spotlight: Kinita

What is your name?

Kinita J

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Adventurous, Big heart, Grateful

Write about yourself.

A grandmother of 1 adorable energetic grandson. I work for an EHR company as a trainer. I love to travel, I also travel for my job. Otherwise, I work from home. My only hobby is just enjoying life.

Before your shoot - what do you remember thinking/feeling? How was your planning? Would you do anything differently?

I knew months before I actually booked the session that I wanted to do a sexy photo shoot. My hair stylist recommended Alter Ego and I took it from there. Without that recommendation and the beautiful picture she shared with me, I may have not pulled it off. I had no clue who or where I could get it done. So, I thank Julissa for the recommendation ❤️ I wouldn’t change anything about my shoot.

Did you feel well prepared for your shoot?


What were your feelings and emotions on the day of your shoot? Before, during, and after?

I was very nervous because I’m a little shy. I was made to feel comfortable and free.

How did you feel on the day of your reveal? Before arriving to see your photos and when you saw them for the first time?


Do you feel or think differently about yourself after your boudoir shoot? If so, how?

Yes, I feel sexier and I’ve also got some née poses for my selfies

Knowing what you know now, would you do it again? Would you have changed anything?

I would absolutely do it again!!!

What do you feel other women need to know?

If you are short on confidence take this photo shoot and see yourself through the lenses of the photographer!

Now, finish this sentence - I am __________.


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