• Alter Ego Boudoir

Maternity Magic

There is something so beautiful, serene, and magical about a pregnant woman, especially during a maternity shoot. Being able to capture those moments of Momma with her big baby belly, is so special. Most women have side effects from pregnancy that are not fun. This can sometimes make them feel gross, not beautiful, fat, and just self-conscious. A boudoir maternity shoot can definitely help show them how amazing they, and their bodies are!

Pregnancy comes with its challenges and unfortunately, one of those is how it makes the mother feel. Women often say and think about how different their bodies look and how they can’t wait to have their bodies back. However, sometimes they just need something or someone to show them what we all see MAGIC!

Women’s bodies go through so much to carry and deliver a child. It is nothing

short of a miracle, each and every time. Being able to be the photographer that gets to

witness the moment a woman sees her pregnant body as incredibly sexy, is an honor. It

is such a beautiful and transformative shoot.

Opening their eyes to how their bodies are wonderful even if they have some

swollen ankles, or gained some weight, not just in their bellies, is what it’s all about.

They deserve to be reminded of how special they are and the pregnancy journey they

are on too. We at Alter Ego, LOVE to help show these remarkable creatures how

majestic they are.

We have some perfect sets and props to use for our maternity boudoir sessions

too. Our clawfoot tub is the perfect addition to our maternity shoots! It is elegant and

goes great with a milk bath and some flowers. Nothing says, “I’m ready to be a Mom”

better than a soothing milk bath. We also have our Hollywood robe, which is a long,