• Alter Ego Boudoir

May Brand Ambassador - Jamie

What is your name?

Jamie Serra

What is your birthdate?

January 19th

Are you single, married, have kids, don't have kids, or pets?

I have been married for 15 years to my highschool sweetheart. I have two amazing boys and one dog. I’m also currently expecting and due in October with another BOY!!! Sooo excited and nervous of course since I’m practically starting over, but couldn’t be more surprised and blessed!

What is your job? Do you love it or loathe it? Why?

I run my own residential cleaning business and I LOVE it. Not only do I love being my own boss and my job but, I love my customer relationships as well.

What is your favorite color(s)?

Black and Teal

What is your favorite season, and why? Please let us know what we can find you doing during these months.

My favorite season is Spring because of all the colors and smells. Spring gives me that renewed feeling. You can find me discovering new parks and recreation centers all across Michigan with my family. I've been enjoying getting to know my home state better.

What thing(s) do you do to calm yourself or get you back to being grounded?

I try to find the positive in every situation. I remind myself it's ok to feel what I'm feeling as long as I don't stay there. There is no vacancy for that in my life. I allow myself to feel it and then I move on.