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Miss Sam's Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

April is a month that brings us here in Michigan all sorts of weather! The past few nights have been quite stormy, which had me thinking about our shower shoots in the studio, and the beautiful girl who helped me with the first one - Sam! Sam first came to the studio to do a shoot just for her! She was an aspiring model and tired of all the same images she was getting from the amateur photographers she had been trading with. She wanted to just be pretty! And really tap into the power of her feminine energy.

These images were taken during Sam's 1st visit in 2017.

Sam's such a beautiful soul! She is kind, fun, and loves to laugh. Sam was at a place in life where she had just learned to love herself! We all have moments and people in our life that sometimes have us question who we are and what we want out of life. Sam was right there at this moment. Defining what it was to be a woman.

She had come to love the body she was given and most importantly dropped any shame that she had for wanting to enjoy pleasure and feel desire. (So many of us still need to work on this!)

She was great fun to work with, so when I wanted to test out the shower scene idea in 2018, I reached out to her and asked if she wouldn't mind helping me out and modeling for me. She was in, without hesitation! And as you can see - perfection!

In 2019, Sam posted a pic of her new Aries head prop and I knew I needed to photograph her! I reached out to her again and again, Sam delivered!

I love working with Sam - she is an inspiration for everyone around her. Sam always brings joy and fun to all we do! I wonder what our next project will be!?

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