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Product Spotlight- Albums

Updated: May 7

A behind-the-scenes glimpse as a client admires boudoir pictures in an album.

Have you ever wondered what everyone does with their photos after they have their sessions with us? I’m sure you have been curious about that as some people have kids, others live with family, and just curious in general about what happens to your images after having a boudoir session with us!

Well, this week we are going to talk about our Albums which are normally a staple when it comes to an Alter Ego Boudoir shoot! Our albums come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, fabrics, thicknesses, and even shapes!!!

That’s right, we highly encourage you to think about putting your images into a book or album after your shoot! We want you to have something to hold, cherish, and awww at in the future! There is just something special about being able to open up an album and see photos of yourself vs. just pulling up some digitals. And, let’s be real, we don’t always have those digitals ready to view or easy access to them years down the road! And, we don’t want you to forget just how beautiful, sexy, strong, confident, and amazing you ARE!!!

We want you to have the images to prove that to yourself on those rough days and to show off to whoever whenever you want to!!! So, we LOVE when people get a book or album to store their images!

Depending on what size book/album you select to get will depend on the type of options you have to personalize it to fit your style! You could get the option of changing the page's texture, and color (gilding), engraving the front, or even selecting to put an acrylic cover on yours with your own photo!!! That’s right, you could have your favorite photo on the front of your album in acrylic glass on the front of your album!!!

An image of a personalized album, customizable to fit your style! Options include changing the page texture and color (gilding), engraving the front, or adding an acrylic cover with your own photo.

Here at Alter Ego Boudoir we want you to not only LOVE your experience with us but to want to have the products that speak to you to show them off or keep them private for just you! Your goodies should speak to you and represent who you are! And, our albums are one of our favorite ways of doing that and seeing just how unique you choose to make yours with your custom selections!

An image capturing Cat handing over the album to the client.

Ready to book your experience with us?

*Please feel free to reach out via email at or by phone at (248) 747-7236 if you have any questions!

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