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Product Spotlight: Wall Art

Showcasing your boudoir experience is so rewarding! There are many different ways that you can do this, from keeping digital copies, having an album printed, but did you also know that we are popular for our Wall Art? You may be asking yourself, “what is wall art?” Well, today’s blog post is going to talk a bit about the variety of wall art options we have for you as well as the benefits of having photos of yourself and your experience on your walls!

First, let’s talk about the differences between the kinds of wall art we have here at the studio. We have metals, mounted prints, and acrylics!

Metals- Our metal prints can come in a variety of sizes to fit your space! They are thin, easily hung, lay close to the wall, and completely gorgeous! You can get them in a few different finishes as well. You can get them in sheer gloss, sheer matte, satin, or high gloss! We even have examples of them here in the studio so that you can see the differences and get them to fit your style!

Acrylics- An acrylic takes an image printed on photographic paper and then is placed between sheets of acrylic (also known as plexiglass). Our acrylic prints can also be ordered in multiple sizes to fit your space as well! The acrylics do not come in different finishes. Acrylics are thicker than metals, heavier, and provide a bold statement as it sticks out more than the metal wall arts do.

Mounted Prints- Mounted prints are paper prints that are attached to a backing board. Mounted prints can then be placed inside a frame. Mounted prints will not warp or stick to the frame over time as regular printed photos will. Our mounted prints also come in a variety of sizes but do not come in different finishes. Here is an example below of a mounted print before it is put into a frame.

Now let’s talk about WHY you should get wall art when you come in for your session! YOU deserve to be on a wall! You are amazing, beautiful, and strong! You have so much to show off and you shouldn’t be scared or afraid to put yourself up on a wall and remind yourself every day of that fact!

Having yourself up on a wall is truly empowering and can bring a smile to your face every day! It’ll remind you of your experience and all the feelings and confidence that came along with that! You can fall in love with yourself every day!

We often get told that people are afraid to put themselves up on the wall in case their kids see it or the in-laws etc. Well, you shouldn’t be afraid of that! Everyone’s beauty and body should be celebrated!

But, we have fixes for you as well if that is a concern. You can position the wall art behind a door so that if someone opens it they don’t see it unless they are actually inside your room with the door closed! You could put it in a walk-in closet if you have one as well! There are multiple things we can help you with in determining sizing of your wall art as well as where it can go!

Don’t be afraid to relive your experience and celebrate your journey! Put that wall art up and embrace it!

*Please feel free to reach out via email at or by phone at (248) 747-7236 if you have any questions! If you are ready to book you can use this link:

We look forward to working with you next year!

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