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Sexy and I Know it!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Sexy. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Are those words you normally use to describe yourself? Do you think of yourself that way? Do you believe you are those things? Or do you normally shake your head and swat off these compliments that are given to you? As women we tend to tell others that they need to know and believe how beautiful they are but when it comes to ourselves we brush it off and tend to focus on the “negatives” that we have in our minds regarding our figures or looks. Why is that? When we should be embracing ourselves more.

When it comes to Boudoir Photography I hear women say all the time, “I need to lose weight first”, “After I tone up”, or “I’m not sexy enough” in regards to doing a shoot with me. It is saddening to know so many feel this way. However, I do get it! All of us see our flaws and imperfections everyday. This makes us constantly focus on these things and we start believing that’s all we have.But, I’m here to tell you that YOU are SEXY, BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS! Just the way you ARE!

There is no such thing as too big, too skinny, too busty, too flat, too muscular or too flabby! When you have a photoshoot with me it is all about angles, lighting, body positioning/posing, YOU and of course a little bit of photoshop! I will show you a couple pictures straight off the back of the camera and I guarantee you will be in awe of yourself!!! We will focus on the areas you love about yourself and you may even find out after our shoot that the areas you thought were your flaws are indeed beautiful and amazing too!


When we see ourselves everyday we focus on the negatives or flaws and that shuts out all the positive and unique features that we have. When there is somebody else who sees the full you and is able to show you and remind you of that sexy, beautiful, gorgeous and fierce woman that you are...you’ll LOVE that feeling and it will empower and rejuvenate your whole being!

We must embrace ourselves and our bodies the way they are! We are not all the same and it would be a boring world if we were. Not only should we see ourselves as the wonderful woman that we are but we should also be reminded of that through another too. Embracing our bodies for the way that they are and truly realizing the beauty we possess isn’t just for our benefit, but for our kids too. How else are we to teach them how precious their bodies are and that they are worthy of all the love in the world, no matter their size or muscle mass?