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The Boudoir Session Booking Process | Catherine Kellie |Boudoir Michigan

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Today’s blog post might not be as sexy as the photos I take, but I think you should know how easy I make booking a boudoir session. In fact, for most people, the hardest part is getting up that gumption to book! Once you do, I PROMISE you I will lead you by the hand all the way from signing on the dotted line to taking home that beautiful artwork of your gorgeous self.

How this Works

Most of my clients contact me via email asking for information. Many of them are concerned about privacy, and email is the easiest way to connect and get all the info you need. This can be especially helpful if you’re a little nervous because you’ll have all my instructions to read over several times before the session. If you prefer to come in, I am always happy to meet with you to discuss the process! Just be sure to call or email to set up an appointment, so I am not in a session or off-site doing photos.

Details, Details

The devil is in the details, or so they say. But if you ask me, the devil only makes an appearance when people fail to read the instructions I send over before the session. Ladies, I am telling you the hints that I send before your session? SO. IMPORTANT. In these questionnaire emails, I send out we are going to work through any fears or hang-ups you might have. I’ll give you my very best practices before the session to help you. Read them! It will make a world of difference in your photos. I’ll help you prep your skin, nails, wardrobe and also give you some tips on things you should not do before your session!

Ready For Your Closeup?

On the day of the session, you might be excited, nervous, panicky, elated, scared to death, or all of the above. I want to assure you that all of those emotions are normal! I’m here to tell you that you can be the supermodel you want to be during our session, and all you have to do is listen, trust and HYDRATE! (You’ll notice that I am big on hydrating, seriously it’s a THING)

What Happens Next

During the session itself, I’ll go through poses with you to show you exactly what to do. Really, you don’t have to know how to anything other than to follow my lead, I’ll flow you right into each pose. Posing is a process that is so important because believe it or not; the camera does not see life as we see it, so manipulation with light, shape, and form is the most significant part of my job. If you have a sensitivity to any areas at all, we’ll work through poses that highlight your assets instead. Your photos will all be professional edited and retouched, and you’ll return for a viewing session at an agreed-upon time to see your photos.

Interested in getting on my calendar before the year is over and the holiday craziness takes hold! Call the studio at (248) 747-7236 or email me and let’s get you locked in! I can’t wait to show you how great you are going to look.

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