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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Boudoir Experience and How to Prepare

Updated: Apr 15

A boudoir shoot is a transformative experience that can be such a step outside one’s comfort zone that it can seem overwhelming or scary to prepare for. However, if you ask us or any of our many satisfied ladies you’d be told how easy we made the process and how we are there every step of the way! That’s right, we provide you with ALL the information you’ll need, the dos and don’ts, and we guide you through the whole process!

A woman wearing a black Victoria wing poses fiercely and dramatically. She sports a tattoo, adding artistic flair to the image, and leather bracelets on both wrists. She completes the look with black high heels and alluring lingerie. The photo is in black and white.


Get a Spray Tan- Please skip the spray tans unless you are a regular and have it down to a science. Otherwise, it normally ends up looking orange and takes away from your natural beauty!

Eat Salty Foods- Stay away from salty foods a day or two before your shoot. Salty foods can cause bloating and we know the last thing you want is to not only look bloated but feel bloated during your shoot!

Get a Facial the Week Of- If you want to give your skin some love other than just hydrating yourself please get your facial done a couple of weeks before your session! Getting a facial the week of your shoot could cause redness and soreness. You don’t want that!

Stress- We know that’s easier said than done, but try not to stress! You are beautiful and sexy! We will take care of you and make sure that you are feeling and looking amazing! Your experience will be uplifting and we promise your photos will be just as gorgeous as you!

Two women in one image. On the left, a gorgeous lady with long curled hair looks alluring in hoop earrings and black lingerie, sporting a tattoo on her right arm as she lies on a bed. On the right, a stylish Chinese lady leans her face on a red pillow, also wearing black lingerie.


Select Outfits that Speak to You- It can seem difficult when you have to select the outfits for your photoshoot but it isn’t! It should be fun and exciting! We recommend not wearing anything too tight (leaves marks on your skin) or too loose (will take away from your natural curves). It doesn’t have to be lingerie, it can be your favorite hoodie, dress, shorts, or even nothing at all! Your shoot should bring out your true self so we want you to be wearing something that speaks to you and isn’t uncomfortable. If you want to shop for new outfits or need some lingerie that you don’t typically wear, you’ll be amazed at what beautiful options you can find on Amazon! There is a brand ‘AvidLove’ that we highly recommend! They allow returns if you need a different size, they fit well and the best part is…they are very affordable!!!

Left: A dramatic boudoir photo of a gorgeous lady lying on the floor, wearing a blue-green lingerie set with a black kimono draped over her. Right: An alluring woman leans against a wall, wearing a captivating blue lace lingerie set with stockings, showcasing a tattoo on her left arm.

Pack Early- When packing for your shoot you’d be surprised by how many people forget the “little things!” But, we are here for you and remind you so that you don’t end up being one of them. You want to be sure to pack your bag a day or two early! This will help you be able to catch anything you may be missing before you leave for your session. Be sure to pack your jewelry, shoes (if you’re using any), underwear (yes, it happens lol), deodorant, any medications you may have to take, an extra outfit or two (if you are unsure of which to wear), and any accessories or props you want to use (veil, belt, rope, toys, books, etc.).

Stay Hydrated- You will want to be sure to keep hydrated during your session as well as be hydrated when arriving at the studio. Ideally, you should try to up your water intake a couple of weeks before your session. Drinking plenty of water the day before your session will help hydrate your skin and make it glow!

Eat a Light Meal- The morning of your shoot be sure to eat! That’s right, don’t starve yourself or you may end up passing out during your session, we don’t want that. Eat a light meal or if you aren’t keen on eating in the morning please opt for a nutritious smoothie!

Paint your Nails and Toenails- Don’t forget about your nails and toenails! They will be seen in your photos and you don’t want to have them looking drab while the rest of you is nailing it! You can choose to paint them yourself (even a clearcoat if you don’t want color), or treat yourself to a mani and pedi!

Left: A lady poses alluringly on the Edison Set, adorned in blue lace lingerie with pink dyed hair, wrist leather, and a black leather choker. Right: She wears a black t-shirt with blue prints, striking an alluring pose with her hands near her lips and closed eyes.

Stretch- We encourage you to stretch the night before and the morning of your shoot. This will help limber you up for all the posing we will be doing and assist in keeping you from getting overly sore or crampy during your session.

Have FUN!- That’s right, the most important thing about your boudoir shoot is to have fun! Enjoy the experience, take it all in, get into it, and speak up if there’s a certain pose or image you want to capture. This is all about YOU!

Left: A lady poses excitedly in orange sportswear with skate shoes and eyeglasses against an orange paper backdrop. Right: She happily poses in black lingerie covered with a see-through long sleeve, her curly hair adding to her lovely look, against a violet paper backdrop.

We know that preparing for a boudoir session can seem daunting at first but once you receive our ‘Boudoir Prep Guide’, you’ll be amazed by how detailed and thorough it is. We want every woman to have the best experience possible and we understand that in order to do that you need some guidance on what to wear, where to shop, what to pack, and ultimately just what you have to do to be ready for your moment in front of the camera! Don’t worry, we got you!

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