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Try this White T-Shirt Look at your Boudoir Session

Updated: May 7

Boudoir sessions are timeless, just like this white t-shirt look! We know how difficult it can be to decide on what outfits to wear and what to pair with them. However, we have an outfit solution for you!

This white t-shirt look is so sexy it’ll be sure to melt any self-doubts you may have! It looks especially amazing when added to our shower set!

One of the things our kittens love about this look is how simple it is to put together. You can pair it with your favorite undies, jean shorts, jacket, cowboy boots, or nothing at all, the decision is yours!

The white t-shirt look can capture your inner rock star, your wet seductive t-shirt self, your country self, or just your girl next door summer self!

This look has been around since the beginning of time (well, we don’t really know that but we would assume so) and for good reason, it is versatile and a knockout choice for a boudoir session. It’s something that can’t be wrong!

So, if you’re working on your outfits and can’t decide on something, be sure to grab that white t-shirt or tank top and get ready to rock it!!!

Or, if you haven’t scheduled your boudoir session yet be sure to add this look to your “want/to do” list, and be sure to book your session with us when you’re ready! We would love to capture your essence and nail this look for you!

Want to learn more about rocking a boudoir session with us?

Please feel free to reach out via email at or by phone at (248) 747-7236 if you have any questions!

We look forward to working with you!!!

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