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Two Hottest Things to Wear For Your Boudoir Session | Boudoir Michigan

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Two Hottest Things to Wear For Your Boudoir Session | Boudoir Michigan

What to wear??!! This is probably one of the most popular questions that I get when it comes to planning for your boudoir session. Really, whatever you feel sexy in is fair game, but if I had to pick only two things, these would be my go-to’s.

Meet your new BFF, The Bodysuit

A bodysuit is a thing of beauty because you can find them everywhere from Target to online boutique stores. They are, oh mama, so forgiving. They cover all the flaws we women worry about, including the tummy area. They come in so many different styles and colors that there is one for every BODY. Bonus? They make everyone's butt and cleavage look amazing. 

Bodysuits can be stretchy, body-hugging or sleek and sexy. Some come with built-in shapewear panels to give a little extra oomph. They can have full bottom coverage, thong, bikini, or Brazilian cuts. High cut coverage on the thigh can help elongate the legs, which is a plus in my book. 

Materials for bodysuits come in so many different materials making them versatile at your session and beyond. All lace, opaque material, sheer, lycra, or even t-shirt material! If you are ordering a bodysuit online, pay attention to the length of the torso on them if you are petite, plus-sized or tall. Since there are typically no adjustable straps, be sure they fit correctly so you are comfortable.

Hello, Basic Bedsheet

Think of that iconic photo of Marilyn Monroe, spread out on that bed with her tousled morning hair and that rumpled white sheet with that come-hither smile. Sexy. Simple. Hot! 

We have many different colors of sheets here at the studio to match your mood, and what fun we can have with a simple sheet, draped in all the right places. These often end up becoming my client's favorite images! 

Sheets are great to show a bit of hip here, a little thigh get the idea. No messing with wardrobe, just some artful posing that will make you feel sexy as hell. We can go from implied nudity to as far as you feel comfortable, the skies the limit; and like Fight Club, what happens in the studio stays in the studio.  

The only no-no’s for outfits? Anything too small or too big. If you don’t feel good it in, then you’ll feel awkward during your session, so kick it to the curb!  As always, if you have any questions about a boudoir session, get in touch with me! I’m happy to help. I know you’re going to be amazed at how good you’re going to feel, and how this session is going to transform you. Let’s do this! 

Ready to book your session? Contact us at and at (248).747.7236 to book your session today!

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