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Never done a boudoir shoot before? Hey, that’s okay! We’ll help you feel comfortable & sexy every step of the way so you end up with stunning photos… AND an empowering experience.

Sitting in front of a camera in your underwear may not sound like your idea of a good time… but truth be told, NOTHING gives you an instant self-confidence boost like a boudoir session does. 

You might come in feeling a bit nervous or unsure, but by the time we’ve finished, you’ll float out of the studio, feeling empowered, sexy, and unstoppable. Plus, you’ll have captured beautiful photos to remind you of the experience (and your hotness) forever!


Here’s what to expect every step of the way, from booking your session to surprising your partner (or just yourself!) with your gorgeous photos.

1. Book your Session


First off, let’s set up our playdate! Once you’re ready to schedule a shoot and define your own version of sexy, just book your shoot. (You can do so online or over the phone).

Not quite ready yet? Let's Connect, fill out the form here, or reach us at (248)-747-7236. We’ll answer your Q's in a free, no-commitment consultation.


2. Session Prep

Let the planning begin! Keep an eye on your inbox for your Session Prepping Packet, which includes everything you need to know to make sure you feel comfortable on your big day. It’ll include things like your session timeline, how to prepare for your photoshoot, places to shop for some new lingerie (treat yo’self!), and a questionnaire. 


We’ll also set up a phone or in-person consultation before your shoot so we can chat, bond, answer any questions you have, and get to know each other a lil better before your alter ego takes center stage.

3. Photoshoot Day


This is the fun part! You’ll meet us at the Alter Ego Boudoir Studio and we’ll make some magic. Don’t feel like you have to show up with the sexiness turned up to 100 – think of this as more of a dress-up playdate with a friend. (Your hotness is gonna shine through, don’t worry!)


  • First, we’ll lay out all your wardrobe options and choose the outfits that feel the most you and will photograph the best. 

  • Then, you’ll spend the next hour or so with one of our amazingly talented professional hair and makeup artists.

  • Once you’re all dolled up, we’ll blast the music and start your session!

  • We’ll direct you the entire time, showing you exactly what poses to do and how to get into them.

  • We’ll even show you an image or two from the back of the camera so you can start to see what we see – a beautiful, sexy woman who’s embracing who she really is!

  • But we’re gonna have some fun with this… which means not every single photo we snap is going to do your alter ego justice. Don’t worry – we’ll throw out the ones that just look dumb, and no one else will ever know they even existed. :)

  • We’ll mix things up so you can show off different outfits and play with different sets. (Every session package includes between 2 and 4 sets and wardrobe changes!)

  • Once your studio time is up and we’re confident we’ve gotten photos you’ll be thrilled with, we’ll schedule your Image Debut and Ordering Session.


4. Image Debut & Ordering Session


A major event in itself! 14-21 days after your studio session, you’ll come back to the studio for the big reveal: your beautifully retouched images from your session. Can’t wait for you to see them!!!

Narrow the photos down to your top favorites (good luck with that!) and place an order for digital images, digital photo products, albums, wall art, and more. Payment plans are available so you can invest in yourself on your own terms.

Product & Image Delivery timelines:

  • You’ll get any digital images & digital products the very same day if you pay in full.

  • You’ll have wall art in-hand and ready to hang up ~10 business days after paying in full. 

  • You’ll receive any photo albums ordered ~3 weeks after paying in full.

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