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Embrace your Alter Ego

Updated: Apr 18

Have you ever read a book, or seen a movie where a character has completely registered with you? Whether it be in the way they dress, behave or talk? Sometimes you can’t believe that somebody actually gets you and you want to scream, “YES! Thank you!” Other times there is just someone that speaks to your soul and you wish you could be more like them or do things that way, however, you know that it’s not really you. Well, that’s where your alter ego comes into play! Alter ego is our secondary or alternative personality, and we here at Alter Ego Boudoir LOVE helping yours come out at the studio!

A woman sits on the floor, her left arm resting on the bed stairs, gazing mysteriously while holding a book, covering her mouth with it.

Maybe you’re more of a reserved person but deep down you want to let loose a bit and know that you are a ton of fun. Maybe you portray that you’re more of a goodie two shoes but you want to embrace that part of you that wants to dress in all black and have the fake nose ring and tattoos. You could even be the one who wants to embrace their inner princess but you never get the chance to.

We should all embrace our alter egos. They are a part of us and we shouldn’t try to hide or be embarrassed by them. We should love them and try to find ways to bring them out of the shadows. Unfortunately, this year Theatre Bizarre is cancelled due to the current Covid pandemic going on and this is what a lot of people look forward to every year where they get to be someone else, their alter ego, for a day!


If you have never been to Theatre Bizarre it is a masquerade party which features all sorts of different things from burlesque dancers, music acts, suspension artists and even what they consider the “side show freaks.” This event gives people an opportunity to have fun and be anything from a pirate, queen, scary skeleton to even a mad hatter and so much more. People embrace the creativity and are saddened once the event is over and they have to wait a full year to attend again.

A digital illustration depicting a building facade with the words "Everything is Cancelled" displayed prominently above.

But, even though Theatre Bizarre is canceled this year that does NOT mean that you can’t embrace your alter ego and get in on the creativity, fun and excitement that you would get out of the event! We are ready for you at Alter Ego Boudoir and would LOVE to help you make your alter ego come to life! We love to have fun and we do more than just the ‘traditional’ boudoir shoots!

If you want to be a scary and sexy witch, a gorgeous gothic, or even a queen, come on in! Do you want to be that vivacious victorian era maiden, Wonder Woman or even Maleficent? Then, let’s make that a reality and capture you at your most true self as your having the best of times! Do you have an idea of something you’d love to do, or be and would like to chat about it, to see what we can come up with, then let me know. I’m happy to assist you and have the shoot of your dreams!

Don’t be afraid of judgement, as we all have alter egos and we all should be able to enjoy them. No need to run from it anymore, simply embrace it and see how amazing you feel afterwards! You won’t believe how magical it will be and make you feel!

A captivating boudoir image featuring a woman adorned in white lingerie with angelic Victoria wings, showcasing tattoos on her right arm and left leg, emanating a stunning allure.

*Please feel free to reach out via email at or by phone at (248) 747-7236 if you have any questions or are ready to book your shoot with us! We look forward to working with you!

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