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Is Fear Holding You Back?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

How many of you, beauties, have thought about doing a boudoir photoshoot before but haven’t? I’m sure quite a few of you nodded your head, raised your hand or said, “me!” Now, what’s held you back? I bet your response fell somewhere within the definition of ‘fear’ or ‘worry.’

I’ve heard many different reasons throughout my years as a boudoir photographer. I would say the majority were because of a fear or worry that they had which was actually put into their minds based off of society’s “standards” or “views.”

They felt they had to lose weight or that they weren’t sexy enough to have these beautiful images taken of them. Some ladies informed me that they hated photos of themselves so they would probably just be disappointed in the final results. Others were worried about what people would think, or wondered how they could share their experience with others since it wasn’t looked at as a conventional thing to do.



Often times my clients didn’t realize that their concerns were instilled in them due to society’s conception of, the ideal woman, and, what is important in life. However, we are all different and unique! We were not born to be, look, or act the same.

So, why should we feel the pressure to conform to these makeshift standards? Should we allow these outdated and unrealistic expectations control our thoughts, and keep us fearful of stepping outside of our comfort zone?

I don’t believe that we should allow our fear or worries to control us. Especially, when those fears and worries stem from outside sources. Some fears are warranted and given to us to protect us from danger. However, some are actually insecurities masking as fear. The insecurities hiding behind “fear” are the ones we have to try to recognize and push through. Those are the ones that once you start allowing them to dictate your decisions you slowly start to put your life on hold.

We should strive to step out of our comfort zone and live our lives to the fullest! We should not settle for things or let others’ views suppress our desires!