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“Nude” not one-size-fits-all

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

As women we know all too well how hard it already is to find clothes. Whether we can’t find something that fits us just right or it’s not the color that we want. It’s never easy to just go to a store and find that perfect outfit. If we are lucky we will eventually find it after numerous stores and fitting room visits. However, there is one thing that has always bothered me and did not make a color?! I never understood this. Everyone has different skin tones whether we are white, black or tan. How could “nude” be considered a color to describe clothing? Especially undergarments?

I mean I am a boudoir photographer so I do understand the word. But, the usage of it to be used as a color is not acceptable to me. How can nude be a color if we aren’t all the same? My “nude” is not the same as yours, my best friend’s or the lady shopping next to me at the store. So, why in this day and age is it still being used to describe a color? It should be removed from all labels and be renamed something else. Maybe light beige, cream or oatmeal?

I’m not sure, all I know is that nobody should be shopping and then wonder why the nude panties do not match their skin color. I can’t imagine how that must feel. To feel like you need to be a different color or shade just to fit in or wear something! That internal monologue does not sound kind to me.

Maybe this is something that you’ve never even thought of before, and that’s okay. However, now that it’s been pointed out, I hope that you take the time to consider this and realize how off putting and alienating this color name is. Many of us grew up the same color as the nude items so we never even thought about how exclusive that option actually is. It leaves a lot of people out and that’s one thing in this day and age that we should not be doing!

We should be embracing each other and our differences, both physically and emotionally! If a group of us are put out then the rest of us should be joining forces with them to include them! No one should be feeling “less than” when they go to the clothing stores and get discouraged when they can’t find their “nude”.

Nude is NOT a color! Nude is what we are when we have not clothes on. It’s a state of being, not an adjective. Nude as a shade/color is different for every single person. Therefore, it cannot be a color like, one size fits all!

Let’s do our best to be aware of these slights and try to rectify them. We can come up with a word that actually explains the color without the implicit insinuation that a color could define what nude is supposed to look like! We are all beautiful, smart, talented, fun and worthy of love! We all deserve to find our perfect outfit, or our own “nude” color! I’m calling out to the fashion industry to end the use of the word nude as it associates color!

For years, the fashion industry has been being called out for this.

The response - SILENCE.

Silence is racist.

Racism is violence.

Silence is violence. It's time more of us speak up and put an end to the racism in the fashion industry!


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