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Team Post Highlight-Deneen

I have decided that each week Alter Ego Boudoir will have a blog post introducing one of our team members! Woo! This week we will be giving you an insight into our Studio Administrator/Customer Service Queen, Deneen!

Deneen is the one I'm sure you've all had communications with if you've ever worked with us before. She is the one who sends out the informational emails and responds to all your questions and concerns. She keeps us all on our toes, organized, and ready to go! She keeps the office and everything that goes with it flowing smoothly! She also keeps tracks of orders and lets you know when they are in etc. She has been with us for almost a year!


Now, let's learn a bit about her...Deneen is 31 years old (birthday is May 3rd), married, and has a 1yo son! She LOVES being a mother! If she could have summer all year long she totally would! She has worked as a Brand Ambassador for different companies, a waitress, and in an office. She loves working at the studio for a few different reasons:

1.) She says that it makes her feel great to see women come out of their shells and realize how remarkable they are!

2.) She appreciates that we are accommodating and understanding about life happening.

3.) She loves being busy and keeping this place moving forward!

4.) She is excited to see where we go!

Pink would have to be her favorite color, though, she does get a lot of blues now since she has a son! She has a dog named Phoebe who is a min pin/rat terrier mix and is 13 yo! She loves movies, books (when she has the time to read them), and being outside/in nature! Her favorite holiday would have to be ALL of them! She grew up not really celebrating them (Mom is a Jehovah's witness) and appreciates all of them and what they bring to the table (family, friends, memories, food, etc.).

If you were to see her on a typical day off you could find her in her backyard playing with her son in the hose and on the swing-set! She would also be snacking on something yummy, like pizza or fresh fruit and veggies! Her favorite candy would have to be Reese's, there is just something about that peanut butter and chocolate connection. She wishes that we didn't have this pandemic right now as a perfect day for her would be to go to the zoo with her mother, sister, nephews, and son.

Her dream travel destination would be Japan! She is 25% Japanese and has relatives overseas! She would love to meet more of them and see the amazing country and be surrounded by some of her cultures!

She is afraid of spiders, though, this has been getting better for her over the years. A random fact about her is that she was in a rollover car accident (rolled 7 times) and luckily, came out with nothing more than a scratch! She mentioned how it was very strange to have the EMS have to cut off her clothes (standard procedure) in the ambulance and when they arrived at the hospital she was swarmed and surrounded by doctors all asking questions and examining her. After all their tests they couldn't believe that she was unscathed and cheery, talking to everyone, and making jokes to get the nurses to laugh.

Life hasn't always been easy for her but she knows how to keep going one step at a time! She has been through a divorce when she was younger and has had experience with domestic violence. She is very outgoing, kind, and makes friends with everyone! She wishes that women could see just how amazing they are and how much they deserve and not ever settle for less!

She aspires to make her son proud of her, buy a house in a couple of years, and be the best she can be! She played a lot of sports (volleyball, softball, and ran cross country and track) and even coached some. She would love to get back into consistently running and coaching again!

Her role model is her mother! She describes her mother as beautiful, smart, extremely hardworking, kind, loyal, and her best friend! Her mother raised 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls), worked, and was still supportive and at all their events as much as possible! "My mother is the sweetest lady you could ever meet! I wouldn't be the woman I am today without her!"

Deneen has had a boudoir shoot done before and she absolutely LOVED it! She states that "it made me feel ALIVE!" She (and her hubby) are already wanting her to do another one!!!

Well, there you have it! A little insight into our faithful, Deneen! She is an asset to us and we love having her!

I'm sure you will be hearing from her if you have already booked, or, are ready to book your session with us! Please reach out to or call the studio phone at (248) 747-7236! We look forward to working with you! <3

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