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A little bit about the ALTER EGO TEAM!


Cat - Alter Ego Boudoir Founder ft. image 1
Cat - Alter Ego Boudoir Founder ft. image 2
Cat - Alter Ego Boudoir Founder ft. image 3
Principal Photographer, artist, and founder


Beauty does not come in any certain size, shape, or number. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are GORGEOUS and deserve to be cherished and celebrated. We believe in individuality and the allure of being a woman, of desire, longing, passion, beauty, and love. Each lady is a breathtaking and beautiful goddess to behold and capture.



Create an environment where you are able to discard all of your insecurities and fears, a safe place to simply be…beautiful. Whether you decide to keep your clothes on or take them all off, at Alter Ego Boudoir, we will provide you with a one-of-a-kind pampering experience that will re-affirm the beauty you are, build your confidence and empower you to own it!



An award-winning team led by owner, principal photographer, and creative director Catherine Kellie. We are dedicated to the passionate pursuit of beauty, making time stand still in our little corner of the world, and showing you how beautifully we (and the rest of the world) sees you!



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Studio Admin

Virtual Assistant

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Associate Photographer

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Associate Photographer

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